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Holiday Wish - New PM for WoW

For a number of reasons I am finding Warriors of Waterdeep becoming less enjoyable. It seems the development team fundamentally misinterpret the issues players continue to identify. A few of these issues include:

  1. Matchmaking - The developers have attempted to rejig PvP matchmaking numerous times. However, each of these endeavors has been an abysmal failure. Rather than fix the problems identified by players, the development team continues to come up with convoluted match-making or score-keeping alogorithms which only compound the issue.
    If they are incapable of fixing match-making, they would be better served to revert to the previous methodology which worked reasonably well.
    [Note: Support seem inappropriately reluctant to respond to this issue.]

  2. Bots - I suggest Ludia revert to the previous formula for bot generation, at least in the lower leagues. In the past the bots seemed to be a reasonable challenge, sometimes I would win and sometime I would lose. Currently, while in the lowest league, I am unable to fill my daily trophy slots due to ongoing matches against level 18 bots. Level 18 bots are not suitable for the Burntbone League.
    [Note: When I enrolled in VIP, one of the benefits was VIP battle chests. Unfortunately due to these bots, attaining VIP chests is currently impractical.]

  3. Rewards - The rewards for challenges and events are periodically being reduced by the developers. When these reductions are combined with a reluctance to host events in the higher level challenge roosm, there is little value available for competing in events. The rewards usually do not match the effort or time required. The ridiculously inadequate rewards available for the current ToM serves as a fine example.

These issues continue to be flagged here in the forums, with no effective resolution. Ultimately, The Project Manager at Ludia is responsible for his team. I suggest the current PM be replaced with someone holding a modicum of concern for player satisfaction.

Ludia, Please provide me this gift over the Holiday Season.

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I concur. the game state is abyssmal and abusive to say the least with little to no care for the input of the players. Given its massive drive to generate income rather than provide engaging and/or quality content, I also suggest a full out boycott of all purchases of Waterdeep materials until these matters are addressed and a new PM is assigned.