Holidays for the littlest Diplocaulus


The littlest Diplocaulus thought to herself, “it’s a shame that all the hubbub and happiness seems to come from the big girls like Rexy and Blue… How, oh how could I ever be seen as a boon to anyone?”

It was then that she stumbled upon a marvelous green box amidst the rough terrain and spotted many a dinosaur specialist investigating.

“THIS IS IT,” she thought, “the ultimate way to get noticed and to be loved!”

And so she crawled inside.

Finally, unable to retrieve their prizes, the dinosaur specialists had no choice but to notice her and a happy holiday was made for the littlest Diplocaulus.

The end.


Let’s play a game

Find Diplocaulus!!

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The keep having these strange circular gatherings…I think they’re trying to summon something!

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They are summoning a happy holiday season for us all!


Just wait until the next update when they give that little diplocaulus swap in Lethal wound… Then she’ll get noticed