Holy bad luck, Batman!


Was excited for Irritator day, did pretty good darting and was excited to see how close my level 17 Pyrritator could get to level 20 for that beastly hybrid that I want so badly.

Well, I started fusing and got 5 tens in a row, then a 20, then 2 more tens, another 20 and 2 more tens to get to evolve to 18, (as I had a bit of DNA saved up beforehand). Man, I wanted to throw my phone into the nearest tree…

So yeah, at 200 Irritator a pop, I totaly just traded 2,200 Irritator DNA for 130 Pyrritator DNA.

I wasnt sure if I could get to 20 anyway, but jeesh. I hope everyone else fares much better then I did from the Irriitator event. Good luck all!