Holy boring Friday, Batman

Finally get a day off to play jwa and there is nothing to do. Darted the SE dinos yesterday after work, so cant do any SE darting. There also seems to be 0 strike towers to do today, not even a quick single step common tower or anything at all. Not sure whats going on with that.

Dont feel like mindlessly darting random dinos so I guess Ill just log out and wait till tomorrow for something to do.


Daily event strike towers and new spawns appear after 9am CST if they are scheduled that day

Ok that was weird. Had to restart my game now there is friday content. New SE dinos and strike towers.

Never had that happen before. Spent 30 min playing a bit ago and had no strike towers and yesterdays dinos.

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Right on
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9am EST to 10am EST: Park Event Dinos ending that day and Supply Drops disappear
10am EST: New dinos/Strike towers starting that day, Supply drops re-appear.

Sometimes you need to restart app after 10am EST in case they don’t appear for you after 10am EST.