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Holy hell Eveline/Jade are back

:scream: now that’s a surprise


I was just about to post about that. That was a pleasant surprise

Someone had to replace the AI ladies I’m glad it’s her but I’m still waiting for Kayla/Jasmin and Aesha/Samantha to return

I thought you were pulling my leg, so I had to check, and you weren’t wrong. :exploding_head: Not my first choice, but I’m happy another one of my girls has returned. :partying_face: :tada: :champagne:

She wasn’t my first choice either that would have been Jasmin, Samantha, Felicia or Susan but I’m happy anyway

That certainly got weird


Cannot wait for that conversation. Just hit the stalker part though.

Who knew a conversation about food could be so… sexual. :smirk:
You’ve must have selected the option because I got a different conversation.

Manaoru and Didler the chef get pretty food porn :wink:

It would appear Eveline is trying to redefine the term food porn :smirk: :laughing: