Holy Moley! Do we have an actual superhero in the tourney?

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Just want to know, What happened here? This player only has 4 dinos on his team. Not 8. We know this is not a visual glitch because many other players have met him in battle in the current tournament and he only uses the same 4 (boosted) dinos in the same order EVERY game. (We have at least a 12 game sample). Velociraptor, (Swap in Dimorphodon if slowed), Trex, (swap in Irritator 2 if needed).

Is this a bot? Or something that you guys might want to look into? He’s currently sitting in a very high spot in the tourney and is a member of the Justice League.

This is actually his team

& is not a glitch.

So curious.

Happy Tournament Battles Everyone!


O yah, I believe someone posted here that a player discovered ONLY 4 dinos and using that to battle in PVP. I guess since he only discover those 4 dinos, he was allowed to enter the tourney?

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I battled this person in the Aviary arena a few days ago!

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Strange??? Level 10 player, only discovers 4 dinos and all 4 dinos in the 20’s. Can someone actually explain that?

No man. This guy is legit. He has actually been mentioned a couple times in this forum and on reddit. He just intentionally doesnt create the other dinos and keep on levelling up the same 4 dinos.


Correct, he is a Reddit player that only put 4 Dino in the battle crew.

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Wow, Now my curiosity is piqued! I want to know why only 4 dinos? I can understand velo, dimo and irri 2 coz they spawn everywhere, I want to know where t rex spawns that much :grin:

It is a second account, he set it up this way. He gets the same 4 picked for every battle and can play them in the same way every time. I do not know how he came up with what 4 to use or why he picked those.

It was a fun experiment is all.

This tournament was meant for this dude. Battle on.

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Circumventing game design to give you an advantage in battles, to gain ladder positions in a tournament that awards prizes.

Hmm how is that any different then fighting AI for trophies durring a tournament?

Very odd that the entire forum blew up over AP when that happened, yet this is acceptable. :thinking:

Not complaining and dont care either way, as I didnt enter the tourney and am not affected by this.

Just find it odd. :wink:


I’ve lost to him in the Aviary twice and don’t agree with this experiment or whatever he wants to call it (and not because I lost.)

It does smell like cheating/exploiting to me. Isn’t a second account against TOS?


There is quite a sacrifice to doing this…

Any he gains nothing in any fair play tourney… couldnt even play in the hybrid tourney…

Like he has 4 dinos on his account… period… if he even creates one his strategy is flawed.

Big difference between that and battling the ai…


Nowhere in the tos does it mention a second account is against the tos… every once and a while a mod states it is but when asked where it states it they go silent.


Yeah but its an alt account.

Im sure he/she is having a grand ole time with it, but doesn’t seem fair durring a tournament that awards prizes.

I mean to be able to always 100% of the time, draw your boosted A Team? :thinking:


I have a second account as well, tons do. :wink:

I have 6 accounts
5 of them have not been used yet

I thinks its odd also and we did rip apex a new one but that was a little different, yes…

But using a 2nd free for all account that is in a way exploiting the tourney. In a strange way yes. But always having the same powered up creatures every match. I imagine this account got some boosts also on rollback day. It seems a bit trollish imo. To possibly take someone elses fair spot. But more power to ya.

Whats he gonna do with those prizes on that account… he doesnt need nearly as much hard cash and coins on that account.

Even his incubator rewards are gonna be significantly less then a normal player.

Plus its not like Ludia can force someone to create all creatures… unless they wanna code it that way…

He has an advantage in one tournament but couldnt even participate in the last seems like a fair trade off to me.

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I dont think that he/she is in it for the prizes.

I bet they are having a ball, but it doesnt matter what I think. :slight_smile:

Regardless, that spot will be taken from someone.

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Fairness is somewhat an outmoded notion within the confines of this game. Let’s see, People took advantage of the second unlimited boost purchase, arena match making is a joke, boost has tainted game play, mammals where introduced in a game named after a dinosaur movie… Nothing is fair about this game. Yet we continue to play it. Just stating facts.