Holy Moley! Do we have an actual superhero in the tourney?

Yeah but…doing this is taking away another players chance in the top 10. If it is useless rewards why get them, when someones real account could? This alt account may not need the rewards but its going to get it. Going to feel bad for #11


Top 5 at that sorry #6 … Anyway its not cheating like that I know. Its a weird account that happens to fit the criteria of the tourney. But it doesn’t make it right lol.

How can this not be cheating? The only sure thing about entering the arena is that an algorithm will select 4 of the 8 dinos in your team. His is set to only 4 and already preset to how he wants it.


In actuality he is breaking ToS [Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Tournaments

It does state to use your team of 8 creatures under the cheaters section. I guess they didn’t account for someone not having 8 lol. I think its trollish xd

Not to defend apex but you know very well if it was an apex account. People would be saying things.


Not trollish, just an observation.



Nice to meet you, @Raijin. This is my account, and you are wrong about 1 thing, I do not do the same exact order every single time. If I have on you than you brought out the order of dinos for me to bring them out in that order. But…99% of the time I do start with Velociraptor and rarely T-Rex.

Ty for tagging me, I was missing out on a good post, lol.

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@zBatman… The point is- wouldnt it be great if everyone could all use our specific 4 dinos we wanted?

Not cheating to think outside of the box…


T rex events once a month and used to be a daily reward

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It definitely was… and If I would have been playing more to get a few more lvls I would definitely have gotten 1st. But I am happy with top 10.

It states it under Tournament Requirements. [Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Tournaments

im going to do the same. it doesnt matter if you have 4 6 or 8. just another thing for yall to complain about.

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Sure, but you can’t deleted already created dinosaurs.

The Prophecy :open_mouth:

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No complaints here, just impressed that we have a player audacious enough to throw back the ToS straight to Ludia. Imagine flaunting the fact you’ve beaten the system and took a spot from someone who actually played the game correctly. Bravo…you sir are to be commended!! :+1:


its the game. just like if you play any other game and you yourself defy the rules… like cod blackops. you can spawn kill. its not against the tos. you guys keep trying to make this game perfect or are just bored and just want to complain…