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Holy Smokes! Where's My Credit Card At πŸ˜‚

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I like Those Numbers!!!

Breaker Breaker Ludia, This Is SweetShay23 Here, Ua We Seem To Be Experiencing Difficulty, Over… Ludia?.. Over???.. Ludia This Is SweetShay23 Speaking Do You Copy? Over???.. Over An Out!!! LoL

It’s Still There, The Time On It, Is An Hour Off So, I’ll Keep Y’all Updated!!!

K It’s Fixed

I Don’t Know Tho, That Still Seems Wrong Somehow?

WHOA - did u buy it, and if so did u get that many?

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I would have been all over that like flies on :poop:
Charged in a heart beat

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The amount once it is fixed seems about right. I have a 9.99 offer one that has More than half of the total cards and rares and 1/3 of the epics

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You Know I’m Free To Play @Xx_YESPA_xX
Wish I Did Have An Opportunity to Buy It!!!
I Was Just Browsing Through, They Get Me With All Thoes Pretty Colors!!! He He He