Holy Wow


So this is my current team. I’m actually like flipping my lid right now because besides Indominus, I got all these legendaries in the past three days. Indominus I got like five days ago. But I felt like I was soooo far off from getting any legendary, then boom…I got all these. Of course I’ve been playing my butt off. I got Utasinoraptor because I used most of my epic attempts this week on Sinoceratops, maybe four attempts between Amargocephalus and Stegoceratops. I got Utasinoraptor and had like 200 Sinoceratops DNA left, and started Allosino and got to 40 DNA short of creation. But then on my way home today, there was one smack right in my path! So I got an extra 115 and got the last 40 DNA.

ANYHOO. My question is…does anyone have any tips to using these guys? Anything I should avoid with them? I’m in Sorna Marshes. Which dinos should I focus on creating and levelling next to make my team better? Any you guys would add or swap in?

TIA. :blush::blush::blush:


Congrats on a plentiful weekend!

Try Nodopatosaurus it was always a good fighter cause it would last along time in battle

It can take down low level raptors with its deceleration and armor piercing moves


I just replaced Nodopato with Gigaspikasaurus today when I got it. Didn’t see a need for both when they’re almost identical but Giga has a bit higher stats. Would you recommend both? If so, who to replace?


I am by far not an expert so my advice is try to replace with gorgosuchus and see if it works better!

Honestly the best advice is this! If you win more than you lose as it is leave it! If you find you are loosing too many than try to change around


I had a weekend like yours last week, unlocked 3 legendaries in a day, and another on the Monday. One of them was Allosinosaurus, and I’ve been loving it. He’s a good finisher when your opponent pulls out someone faster and you’ve got that instant charge ready. The release notes for this next update say that there will be some changes one him, like gaining armor piercing, but losing rampage for impact. Also delay on instant charge will only be 1, so that’s a plus. We’ll have to see how it plays after the update.

I haven’t unlocked Giga because I put all my nodopato into stegodeus.


I put only enough Nodopato into Giga to create. Haven’t leveled it up but have Stegodeus at I think 20 now so that’s where most of my Nodopato goes too. :grin: