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Hominids and Apes

Hominids and apes i doubt will be good in combat one on one unless more than one in battle is involved, a support group i see though worshiping the animals as gods and building armor for em like a side to attack boosts though. Gigantopethicus might battle though be a slower with devistation but low hp. I can see hominids making temp sanctuarys when one is not nearby.

If this game goes too far beyond a dinosaur game, I’ll be the first to quit. Not much more to add, I think this is a stupid idea.

I like the idea. It’s no more silly than deers, rhinos, tortoises and eagles!

It already is with cenezoics and Permian, its a prehistoric animal game now not just dinos anymore.

Theyd be a support group like able to make temp sanctuaries craft temporay boosts like armor and weapons added when not boosted enough. I could see a cave man riding on the beasts back chucking spears and rocks at the oponent as an additional attack after the dino or beast already has if it doesnt have counter.