Honest feedback about lineup

Hi there, i’m new to the forum and I just wanted to ask for some honest feedback from other people on where I can improve.

Here is my lineup sorted by type.


Welcome to the forums! Firstly, your lineup is nicely balanced. However, I notice that your herbivores aren’t as strong as your other classes; I’d suggest working on those.

After you gain a few more powerful herbivores, start to increase the ferocity of your creatures by a significant amount. You could start approaching dominator league in tournaments if you are able to get a balanced lineup with your most powerful creature about as strong as a lvl 1 monostegatops.

Hope this helps!


Welcome to the forums !

Now I would actually suggest to work on your pterosaurs. They are lacking, unlike your other 3 classes. I’d say have two Peli’s at 30 or 40 to help your lineup.

And as @Alpha06 has said, you can slowly get your lineup to Dominator soon. Continue working on your lineup slowly.

Take your time as all good things take time :slight_smile:


Some dinos to get:
Lvl 30 Uranium/Banana Fingers (either one)
Lvl 30 Pelecanipteryx
Make Tapejalosaurus (If You Have Mono unlocked)

take it slowly pls


Thank you for the kind words and feedback. I wanted to address some of the things people have said.

  1. I currently haven’t unlocked mono yet. Is there an event for it coming soon? Or is there any other way to get them, like getting lucky on the prize wheel or something?

  2. I’m going to start putting some pelicanoptrixes in my hatchery to strengthen my pterosaurs. Maybe I’ll eventually get the common superhybrid and get a bunch of level 10’s to bolster my pterosaur depth.

  3. I’ve recently maxed my ankylosaurus, I have enough dna to fuse it and get ankylodocus to level 20. Is this a good move or should I put more focus into maxing up my legendary herbivores like uranium and banana fingers.

  4. I also could get indominus and spinoraptor fused, but I feel like carnivores are the least of my concerns right now.

Again, thank you guys for the responses and I hope you have a good rest of your day.


For my option, Ankylodocus Lvl 20 far outstrips Uranium/Banana fingers, but still Banana Fingers is useful as cannon fodder due to his insane health

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I noticed that your T-rex has much better stats than your Acrocanthosaurus and your best creatures are carnivores so try leveling up creatures like your Stegoceratops. I also notice that your Amphibians and Pterosaurs aren’t that powerful and you’ll need Amphibians when you’re progressing and fight diffic creatures that you can use so maybe evolve Diplotator to get Diplosuchus.

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  1. There should be a few monolophosaurus events in the future; you can get lucky in the prize wheel, but that gives only one copy.

  2. That’s a pretty good idea. The only issue with that is when your lineup increases in ferocity. You might be thinking “can’t I just evolve my super hybrid?” You can do that, but evolving super hybrids generally isn’t the best idea, as their lvl 11 is barely stronger than their lvl 10, but it costs 500 more super dna. You might be better off choosing mono super dna and eupocephalus super dna (idk if I spelled that correctly).

  3. Perhaps you could get a couple level 20 ankylodocus; that would help with your lack of herbivores. I would hold off on maxing any legendary herbs right now, as there are better investments you could make with that dna.

  4. As you have previously stated, carnivores are of your least concern so I wouldn’t make that your priority. In the future, just gather more vip dinos.

Once again, I hope you find this helpful. After you gather more dinos, start increasing the ferocity of your lineup to the stats of a lvl 20 vip dino.

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Maybe you should get another Lvl 20 Carnoraptor, somebody once said they destroy in Dominator


Somebody “once” said. A carnoraptor isn’t a great Dino to rely on. However, they are a wonderful stepping stone for dimetrocarnus.

Well, what about Spinoraptor, is it good

Same thing with spinoraptor :wink: it’s decent, but it’s more of a stepping stone for spinotasuchus.

Your lineup is great! But I highly suggest you get a spinoraptor. Maybe get it to lvl 20. Same with pelicangopterix but get it to lvl 40 if you have enough food.:slightly_smiling_face::+1: Also, you should get indominus to level 20 or higher if you have the DNA.

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Getting indominus to lvl 20 might not be the greatest idea, seeing as his strongest creatures are already all carnivores, and a lvl 20 indominus would practically break his lineup lol.


What do ya mean by break?

The ferocity of his best dino(T-rex) is approx 3500.
Indom lvl 20’s ferocity is around 5600.
That would create a rather large gap in ferocity between his #1 and #2 dinos, which in turn will cause his events to become alot more difficult.


Who is Banana Fingers ?


Beavers gave this nickname to the Therizino

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Update: Some new additions to the lineup include these two bad boys.

Just realized I was one labyrinthosaurus away from making a level 40. I figured might as well since I’m so close. It may not be the best, but it adds some more depth to the lineup. Other new additions include a level 40 ankylosaurus, a level 20 shunosaurus, and a level 30 prionosuchus.

My (somewhat) improved roster. No picture for carnivores because there basically the same.

I have 2 uraniums and a Scap in the hatchery so I should be able to make a level 30 of those in the coming week. I figure uranium has a good hybrid and ramphorhynchus isnt too hard to max. Ultimately decided to hold off on making ankylodocus for now as I really like the look of the level 40 ankylosaurus. Also working on getting supersaurus maxed for more herb depth. Hopefully a mono unlock will come soon for my level bracket so I can get some tapejelosauruses for pterosaur depth.


The Mono unlock was this week for Lvl 20-54, sorry