Honest opinions; are we criticizing too much at this point or do we actually deserve better from Ludia and Jam?

As someone who tends to be harsh on words without breaking the rules here, are we just illogically overreacting about a game at this point (that some of us haven’t even spent on) or are we right to act this way and deserve more?

  • We are whining too much
  • We deserve much much more
  • We deserve more but are also whine too much
  • Don’t care

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Some people whine too much about certain things, but most people have genuine complaints that go into deaf ears.


We’re crying too much. We don’t need anything else.

Personally I find leaving this forum a lot more appealing than leaving the game. This place doesn’t feel like a community of people sharing a common passion, it just feels like a place to bond over negativity. There is useful info in here, so it still has a purpose, but doesn’t really enhance the experience of the game.


I’ve come to realize we are basically in an abusive relationship with the game… we get treated poorly and they say they are going to change and it’s going to be better this time. We really hope that things will get better because we truly love the app but it never does.

They are either incapable of fixing the game and letting us know what is going on or they just don’t care what we think.

Either way, it’s on us if we stick around and keep taking it.


If they just made boosts free to take off it would end so much complaining. No need to buff and nerf which is the majority of these posts.


There’s a few bad apples who whine too much, but most people genuinely care about the game and know that Ludia and Jam City are making many poor decisions and give good criticisms toward them.


We deserve a playable game.
40 seconds to load a creature’s profile screen is not playable. Every time I have to do fusions or check my boosts is a nightmare. This was “when the game worked fine”.
Now we are experiencing the same lag in map.
40 seconds every time you interact with a supply drop is not playable.
40 seconds of lag every time you intend to dart a creature is not playable.
Long raids that take 15 minutes of excessive animations, plus another 2 minutes of raid interface loading…for 2 minutes of actual gameplay… it is not playable :slight_smile:


With the way they treat balance, ignore important bugs, and try to milk us dry… yes, we deserve more.


At least an honest answer.
Yes ,we deserved more ,but i do think the lasts player which still play that game and complaining getting wreck by the unbalance of that one should’nt complain.
All of you know ludia and know they do power creep to obtain huge amount of money because indeed,all of you will purchase boosts and the last power creep DNA (i will take rexy as an exemple since it is an obvious one).
You guys will buy rexy in the store for 100$ with 2 of each boosts and in 6 month,you will see a new hybrid announced (or not) whatever happened,rexy will get a huge nerf and will be unplayable ,people on the forum as usual will complain about the power creep ruling the legendary tournament.
So,ludia indeed know you guys will suffer ,they know you guys will ask for a nerf and they have already prepare before the release,the nerf.
It is not an honest company and because you know it,yes,all of you deserve what happen.
I leave the game a year ago and the more the time go,the more obvious it is.


4 hours later and ludiajam proved me right on being way too demanding

Maybe I/we should just don’t care anymore


Maybe there’s a bit too much whining but it’s Ludia/Jam City’s fault if there is because of the amount of problems the game has.


People whine far too much about Dinos they can’t beat with all the requests for nerfs/buffs BUT…

There are very legitimate complaints about Ludia’s less-than-transparent attempts at separating players from their money. The Boost token scam, all the bait-and-switch tactics with Dinos and the way they’re released to users, etc. I think people just feel taken advantage of and short-term corporate tactics like that will seriously damage the game long term.

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Ludia is a company which is putting forth a product. Whether the product works as intended is up to each individual to decide. Personally i believe Ludia dropped the ball a long time ago. Does this mean i blame the mods or the people that actually enjoy the game?, of course not. I have voiced my complaints about this game in the past and received my generic responses from their customer service. After awhile it got to the point i just didn’t care anymore and lost interest.

Everyone plays the game on his/her own terms. What is frustrating to one person might not matter to another…

The game has genuine problems and there are certain creatures that absolutely need to be reworked (and yes, that includes nerfs) that are not being addressed when they really need to be, and on top of that, while I understand the need to make changes to keep things interesting and new, there are a number of things that really do not and did not need to be changed, such as the Daily Missions.

That being said, of course there’s a bit too much whining, usually over things that really aren’t worth it.

Such as stat boosts. Stat boosts should always be spent wisely; part of what makes the JWA Field Guide a great app is that you can factor in how you want your creatures boosted, but it is always worth bearing mind that the creature in question will likely be changed once or twice over the course of the game’s life, so if you’re going to boost something, you really need to ask yourself: 1: if this creature is something you plan on using for the long term, 2. If this creature gets nerfed, how else can I use it besides PvP? (Look at Tuoramoloch, for example. It’s not a great PvP creature, but it is one of the most useful Raid creatures ever), and 3. Do you want your team to be meta viable, or one you just want to have fun with? (There are some creatures that can neatly fit into both categories, but understand that by and large you can have one or the other but not both - unless the team you want to have fun with is the meta defining one).

Ergo, stopping expecting boost refund tokens every single time something changes. You either gotta roll with what you’re given and learn to adapt along the way, or take boost loss.


Even if your team is not meta viable at the moment, your creatures can still be nerfed like smilonemys à while back or worse, buffed so that they’ll be nerfed to the ground later.
So you still loose boosts in the end.

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Brininging up legitimate concerns and whining are two different things. We have both in this forum. I would say most of the “whining” is about creature nerfs that are unnecessary, but complaints about major gameplay issues (such as the new rewards system, or taking away Mortem, or the myriads of unresolved bugs) are legitimate concerns.

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True, but in fairness that has been happening less and less with each update

Gonna go with deserving more with some bug fixes and lots of other stuff that other people want fixed but kinda push a bit too much pressure all the time on Ludia and Jam and kinda whine a lot so yeah just a split opinion

Yes but for example eople who had thor on their team before this update or as a raid dino will probably see a nerf to it pretty soon since it was over buffed.
So the ones who boosted it will loose boosts in the end.