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Honest Question for the Devs


Probably won’t reach anyone, but I’d love to know if any of them actually play the game at a high level.

Currently the meta is basically a disaster. People have almost identical teams, and RNG determines most matches. Some of the most powerful dinos are RNG dodge or cloak dinos. Add to that crits, stun chance, and the random draw of creatures. Either your hand counters theirs or it doesn’t.

Throw Dracoceratops on top, something you can’t counter or see coming, steals wins, and defeats what little turn by turn strategy remains. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a terrible player beat me simply because their indoraptor dodges 4 times, or something gets a crit.

Stuff like that can make a grown man cry and creates genuine loathing for the other players and game. I don’t think that’s what you guys want, or is it? Maybe you just want us to suffer, I don’t know.

Let’s face it, pvp is the main end goal for most players, but it’s a chore, something that must be done to get incubators and complete daily tasks and a real test of character for even the most zen players to not punch a hole in the wall. It doesn’t have to be this way. Look at Pokémon, it has RNG, but it’s way toned down, and not something that decides most matches. If this game wants to have longevity and a legitimate competitive scene, something has to change.


I would love to see a dev comment on the current state of the arena also. Isnt it supposed to be fun and rewarding? The general feeling of the community is that it is neither of those things.

I have no solution to offer, but I am interested if the Dev team is in touch with the player base enough to recognize the arena isnt fun or rewarding? It’s not like I am new here - I’ve been L20 for ages and have all of the meta dinos. The thing is, whether I win or lose doesn’t even matter to me anymore. More and more players just start a match and close out to another game, play it for a bit and rinse / repeat. It sucks to do and it sucks to play against. What’s up with that?!?


Well the moderators play the game… not sure on anything else though

  1. RNG determines less matches than any previous meta if you let it.

  2. DC has brought any dino that was previously OP much easier to handle on average.

  3. DC can not only be countered itself you can counter a team that uses it in most circumstances if you try. It takes more planning as a user and more careful play the fleshing the game out more than ever before. The only at to not see this is to just decide it’s uncounterable.

  4. How RNG based the game should be is certainly worth discussing.


I’ve been forcing myself to PvP because of the Alliance missions otherwise I had stopped way back in December. I only play for the opponent take downs for the daily incubators. I do win the average 50% of the time but it isn’t something I enjoy. I’m being fully honest. It’s kind of a dredge like changing the oil in my car or filling out the yearly tax forms.

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Definitely beating a dead horse but I agree that DC is a game breaker. I dont mind the swap in move, but its LITERALLY broken in the sense that it has a priority regen move that clears its 2 turn lock down which was implimented SPECIFICALLY because the swap in move was so OP. So…MY question to the devs is this: if you are clearly aware that this dino needs to be locked for 2 turns to make that swap-in at least sort of fair, why in the heck did you give it the ability to cleanse that on its first move?!
To win against DC you need to one shot it. Not many dinos can do that.


Don’t think anyone of them is playing high level. They have test accounts but probably don’t play on a regular base, which is understandable, but not very helpful.


Exactly my thoughts
I think they have a PTR base where they can max all their creatures and tests it.
If of them play on the regular base ,they could understand the players situation and share with the team dev but i don’t think they do.
I don’t think they test long enough the dracoceratops