Honest Thoughts of JWA in 2022 *it's an honestly great game : D

Here’s my full opinion on the game in 2022, this is meant to be a happy, kind post to the devs and just an opinion of the game from my standpoint.

-Has pretty nice creatures and even nicer events
-Pvp is ok, just has some minor issues to fix
-The shop is kinda broken, with darts being $10 (in-game currency)
-Sometimes glitchy with music being cut but really isn’t annoying
-Alliances are cool, you can make new friends, play with said new friends, etc
-The game has an awesome community with lots of nice peeps
-Sometimes updates get released a month apart which is really nice of Ludia
-Campaign helps out a lot when getting reasonably good amounts of DNA

Overall, I think the game in my opinion is a 10/10, and I really hope to keep the rating like this even if there are some minor issues, I’ve loved the game since 2019 and continue to love it to this day.

First Edit: yeah I’m changing the rating to a fair 9.5/10 because the PVP most of the times straight up sucks.


I agree with everything on here!

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It was fun until flocks were introduced.


True. Ever since flocks were introduced the game just hasnt been fun anymore.


Got the notification 13 hrs later after the message was posted, lol and yeah flocks kinda ruin the game experience


You are joking 10/10 for the game haaaaaaaa
I give a 2/10


It’s a great game until you get smacked down by lvl 30 max boosted team on aviary and library :DD


I would give jwa a 7.5


Idk about the good part, but the it can be better part is probably the reason we have this much constructive criticism here. So much potential thrown away with every update/bad decision


Well said. The fun aspects thst make JWA auch a great game outweigh any of the minor bugs that pop up. I’ll have been playing this since it launched, almost four years now. That is three years and ten months longer than I’ve lasted with any other mobile game.

Theres been too much negativity of late. Its nice to see something positive posted. :grinning:


I love this game and spend way too much time playing it!

I’ve played it pretty much since launch and don’t play anything else. Having 3 accounts and running an alliance means there isn’t much time for anything else. So of course there is far more good stuff that outweighs the not so good stuff.

If Ludia stick to what they promised just before Christmas, and communicate with us more it would be great. And when I say that I mean all of us and not just amber club members. This would allow a voice for the casual and ftp players who make up the majority of the player base.

I absolutely agree that those who pump money into the game should be appeased. But the rest of the player base are being pushed further and further back at present and this needs to be addressed.

The android12 map issue is a massive issue yet Ludia are ignoring it and haven’t communicated with us at all over it. This is a major concern, and although I can get round it with opening the maps, determining and starting a location, putting it in the background and then running JWA it drains the battery big time and is hardly convenient.

But by and large this game gives me so much fun, the community and the alliances, the hunting, fusing, collecting and even the pvp to a degree are great. The graphics and design are perfect and long may the game continue!


Absolutely true

well time to worry bout my future self in pvp : D

heh its been 3 years since i’ve been playing, time flies fast

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I play for 3 years to i have 35 dino at level 30 … 6 that are ok the rest are useless, and you tell me that the game is good… the game is worse then ever most of my friend quite the game and went back to pokemon…
You can not advance in the game… you can have the best team ever the critical will destroy you anyway…
And more… tournament should have no boost at all

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More then 3/4 are useless… you tell me a very good reason why the game is good… i use to be VIP for 3 years i give up my VIP 3 months ago you can’t advance in that game… it is control that you need to spend money
All the time now… you can get only to 6000 cup that it or little more… you can have the same team as the number 1 player at the top but the critical take over the game… if you think to get to the top you are dreaming
… anyway you will realize that you’re self… for now i play only one in a day or 2 for 10 minutes or 15… hoping
That the game will get better… but the hope are very low

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May i ask how this game is a 10/10?
theres far too many issues that you didn’t mention there.
Back when i played this game i’d give it a 6-7 at the best, I’ve lost interest now, this game doesn’t compare to what i usually play now.
PvP is a mess. The community is a mixed bag. The update thing means that you have a powerful creature, everyone levels and boosts it, next update it’s nerfed/something new arrives.
I’ve only played one 10/10 game ever, Metal Gear Rising (yeah that isn’t jwa)


plz update this when your boosted are locked into nerfed dinos

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