Honest Thoughts of JWA in 2022 *it's an honestly great game : D

I see the positive things in life not all the negatives, if you’re just gonna say the game sucks then just delete the game and never post here again

Jeez, I’m just trying to say the games good, just delete the game if you dislike it

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Tbh pokemon go is dead as well, its not that relevant and also your grammar makes this post very confusing

I think that’s everyone.

If I were to rank all of the things you said, this has to be number one! However most are very true!!

Community mentality

Ok, I’m going to be breaking down all of your points 1 by 1 because honestly I really don’t think this game is a 10/10. I’d give it a 5 or 6 if I’ve gotta be honest, and here’s why.

-I’ll be breaking down your first point:
The creatures can be nice yes, some have neat designs and are honestly fun to use. BUT that being said there are some major balancing issues that have occurred in said creatures. With some dino’s in dire need of a buff, nerf or just balancing overall. And ludia have done not much about it

-Your 2nd point has a few flaws that stick out like a sore thumb.
The PvP is nowhere near ok and is in DIRE need of fixing and has been for years at this point, RNG, team matchmaking and loads of other bugs in the arena that are the main reason for players quitting and either going onto tournaments (such as myself and load other people) or have made people quit overall. PvP has been one of the main problems for years at this point and we (the community) have told ludia about this countless times and again they’ve done nothing at all and we continue suffering in the arena. I have loads more points about this to bring up but I really don’t want to waste my time on it

-I’m gonna break your 3rd point quickly, the shop isn’t broken imo, the darts being able to buy them for 10$ has been there since this games release and will continue to stay there unless ludia decides to change it

-Breaking down your 4th point:
The alliances are just as glitched also, Dna requests timing out, dna being able to be collected a 2nd time even after you’ve collected it, people not being able to join the alliance and are stuck without one. Alliances are just glitchy, but again its an easy fix that Ludia just refuses to fix

-I’m going to break your 5th point quickly
Yes, the game has an awesome community with a lot of casual, hardcore players with the content creators keeping this game up. However there is the dark area of people in the community who have no idea what they’re talking about and end up making us and themselves looks like idiots. Probably a good 10-15% of the community is that darkline.

-Breaking down your 6th point
Nothing too much to say about this one, updates almost always come out a month or so apart, and will continue to stay like that unless something changes.

-Breaking down your 7th point
The campaigns were nice when they were updated and was a good source of dna and coins. However the campaign ended up being boring after beating every single level. Personally I think Ludia should give the campaign a new chapter every update so it gives us (the playerbase) something interesting to do

Overall, I don’t think the game is a 10/10. But I cannot change your opinion, but I’m just giving my take on the state of the game, although I wouldn’t say “Minor issues” rather large issues is what I’d say, This game could be a 9 or 10/10 if Ludia took the time to listen to us as a community, and if they took the time to fix the things that we have problems with.
Really hoping the community update is good, but overall I’d give the game a 5-6/10



I have to disagree, unfortunately. Sure, this game’s original concept is amazing. It was good for the first little while, but then it started getting repetitive after you played for maybe half a year or so. Why? The meta consists of a very limited pool of creatures so if you want to climb, you’re automatically forced to build your team around this meta. What makes this so much worse is the power-creep. Almost all of the “OG” uniques were kicked down the rankings, with little or no changes at all. This above is, what I believe, the largest factor to this game’s downfall over the recent updates.

I also wanted to point out that the community being “amazing” is seriously debatable. After the inclusion of emotes (I’m looking at you, laugh and yawn), the number of downright toxic people have risen. I know, I know, there are some chill, and genuinely respectful people out there, but I wouldn’t say that’s a worthy amount to give the game a 10/10.

Some other notable things are the “desperate” attempts at earning money (ex, the "watch an advertisement for 1 cash), and the HUGE amount of bugs.
I’ll elaborate on the bugs topic (Oh where do I even start?).
-The recent alliance bugs, people couldn’t leave, and they couldn’t join alliance. What did this impact? Shared sancs, and not just a little bit either, the CoOp my alliance was in missed out on multiple level 20 sanctuaries thanks to this.
-The constant battle glitches. You’ve heard of it before, you hate it, the all-mighty pink screen bug. How long has this been in the game? It’s been there for as long as I can remember. Need another example? The flock disconnection glitch (If you KO’d a flock with a non-direct-damage move, your game would just stop). I don’t know if its been fixed, but come on, what on Earth are your beta testers and programmers doing, Ludia/JamCity?
-Event spawn glitches. This is more or less minor and I understand we get it back within a few weeks, but seriously? It’s just annoying at this point.
These aren’t even all the bugs that have been introduced within the past few months. I could sit here and go on for ages.

Once again, JWA could be an amazing game with just a little bit more effort, I know for a fact that it isn’t any of the forum mods’ fault, you all do an amazing job. It’s just frustrating that the higher-ups at Ludia seem to fail at listening to the community’s needs time and time again, and look at the profit way more.


I agree with most of except the part about PvP being ok

well, i’ll change it because yeah kinda sucks the more i look into it, but hey atleast i can die using my indom : D

I’m sure as heck that I like the game at least : D

Random fun fact about JWA: Carnotaurus has lots of hybrids, and good ones at least.

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Bc this is the type of game that once your sucked in and have too much progress it’s too late to go back I unfortunately have suffered from this