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Honest Thoughts on the Game


This post is mostly to the Devs, and no it’s not intended to be rude or whiny. As someone who has worked in game development for a few years, I thought I would take the time to sit down and share some of my honest thoughts about the game so far.

Allow me to start with the fact that I understand you are a business and thus need to make money. I won’t be criticizing your monetization system - people can spend money on what they want.

So, for a Candy Crush clone, this game isn’t that bad. Admittedly I’m more than tolerant because of the franchise that this is attached to, normally I would never play a game like this. However there are a few things I would point out.

First of all, you basically need to have a team with a dragon of each type. Otherwise, any matches you make of a type that isn’t represented is useless. This could be offset if we saw fewer tiles of an unrepresented color if we choose to balance our team differently.

For instance, if we choose to have a team with no green dragons, but two blue instead, we should see significantly fewer green tiles and perhaps more blue tiles. This would allow us to better balance our teams according to the needs of the level.

One of the big things that I have noted is the significant difficulty spikes. Now I got extremely unlucky in all of my drafts, so the strongest dragon I had for a good while was a 3 star. Not complaining, I promise, but I will state that it made the climb a lot harder for me. I don’t mind difficulty, however when trying to do the daily events for things like money, fish, or runes, I became quickly outmatched and had to abandon.

Compare this to a friend of mine who started at the same time I did. He drafted two 5 star dragons from his first few days (lucky jerk), and now his team is about 1000 points above mine. This doesn’t make me want to spend any money, in fact it makes me want to spend it less. I see how luck plays into these drafts, and I don’t like to gamble. So now I won’t be spending a dime because I don’t want a ‘chance’ at a good dragon. I’d rather just patiently breed my dragons until I get my good team.

What can I say? Adorable. Freaking adorable. I’m aiming to eventually build an all-Skrill team. I love that I get to pet my dragons, and see them in 3D, that’s super awesome. I have nothing bad to say here. The primary reason I’m still playing this game is because I can pet my dragons and I love that simple fact.

So I guess my main problem with monetization is that I haven’t seen any actual development of the game since I started a few months ago. We had a recent patch where you changed where I find my repeatable quests, but…that was about the only thing that changed. I can kind of understand the Clans and Arena, as that requires networking code and a good deal of testing. But the Book of Dragons? That should be pretty simple, that’s all just text and reused assets.

I understand you’re doing your jobs, I’m not accusing anyone of not working or not working hard enough. I’m just saying that from the perspective of a player, I haven’t seen much change since I started. Most of the game is still locked behind ‘Under Development’ and I don’t even get early access games on Steam.

Also, side note: PLEASE let me name my dragons!

Light Fury Event
I started this in the Light Fury discussion topic but it turned into this post. I can’t help but feel absolute frustration over the fact that I won’t be able to grind for this dragon and get her without real money. Especially when, as other people have pointed out, it would be about $50 USD, she’s the weakest 5 star dragon to date, and I need multiple copies of her to raise her to max level. That’s just insane!!!

One of the devs came on to say that this event would happen more than once, which is fine. I’ll casually work towards her, if just so that I have her in my roster. But do you guys have any idea how ridiculous this sounds? I have to wonder if this blatant money grab came from the top, because other than Whales, I don’t see many people spending money on this.

If you want to do events like this in the future, please take some feedback here:

  • Make it at least possible to grind out without the need for real money. People like me are more likely to spend a few dollars to make our lives easier rather than being forced.
  • Remove the need for multiple copies of event dragons, especially if you’re going to keep the insane dollar cost.
  • Make it more evident that the event will be happening again before the end of the event. Even just a link to a landing page that explains it.
  • Make event dragons worth the effort. I got a chuckle out of her 1337 power level, but she’s still very weak by comparison and would be replaced by anything better that comes along.

Anyway, thank you for reading this rant. I hope my thoughts are at least a little bit helpful.


To your point about missing tiles. First this isn’t a candy crush clone, while match 3 it is very different. It is a clone of empires and puzzles and those types of games.
The missing tiles add an element strategy. Remember that for each missing color, you have increased the strength of another color (in less you brought less than 5 dragons). I enjoy this strategy and can’t wait until I am triple or quad stacked.

I agree with the rest of your post


Honestly I think this game would be a lot more fun if it was kinda like a Pokémon RPG with the whole book of dragons. And I agree about the leveling dragons. It’s to much. Maybe keep the leveling but when it comes to “training” you can teach it stronger moves? And as far as the light fury goes I’m pretty disappointed. Like this movie releases today so after the buzz wears off nobody will care so much. So why make it so impossible to get? Especially if the goal is to to have players spend actual money on the game there’s got to be a reasonable limit. Once I realized that if I spent runes to reset, the cost of runes to do that again doubled! Like are you kidding me?! All I have to say is that if new things don’t happen soon I won’t be around for “later!”

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Oh, I wasn’t even aware that the cost doubled. That’s really dumb! Glad I haven’t spent any of my rune stockpile.


I totally agree with your post. A few points I’d like to add. Since it’s a match 3 game I figure they should embrace it. Like when you can’t make any more moves and the board re shuffles make it a good like like RE-SHUFFLE and the give the play 1 rune. I can’t wait for the day this game is finished and for special dragons like the light fury to maybe have a couple more different animations for petting or something. Right now I’m too afraid to play the campaign because I won’t get rewarded which needs to be fixed ASAP. Also I made another post about changing the color of block matched of the light fury to yellow. I think they might have reduced the price 10 runes someone check because I forgot. That is NOT enough. They advertised light fury. Give us light fury. Especially since I heard it being the lowest power 5 star. We can’t get it to 3 stars anyways and will need it again.


Very good, honest and intelligent post. I agree absolutely. A button needs to be added to just delete dragons. Call it releasing them back to the wild. I have too many duplicate dragons. It shouldn’t cost you anything to get rid of duplicates and you should not be forced to have to level them up.


Almost a Legendary game of Heros clone…without the pwr gem matches…
Yes…this game is not designed to be a ftp game so expect to spend if you want…
I too have reached a level I cannot pass and probably never will looking at the rewards I have been so graciously rewarded in the draft