Honestly, players that rage quit after a first round loss are just the worst kinds of people


Forcing me to wait interminably long as the counter ticks down before their attack and they auto select their next dinos is just pure evil.


if you get 3+ stuns in a row you better believe i’m putting my phone down and making you earn the victory that you don’t really deserve :wink:


I got hit with 9 cloaks in a row today. I stilled played even though none of my stuns or cloaks worked.part of the Game


Yes there are some that do this, but there are also allot of circumstances that make it happen!

Incoming phone calls
Sudden loss of internet
Game bugs

So keep those factors in mind


Those I get. But some guy used Einysuch vs my Irex and I cloaked, he FSed, stunned and missed on both then got plowed. And immediately the next Dino took the full counter to come out. So if it was a phone call it was very suspicious timing.


If it’s a stunning Dino and all the attacks are high percentage (I’m assuming you’re facing paraloch) then 3 in a row isn’t unheard of and certainly isn’t an auto loss.


3 stun in a row is a guaranteed loss at that point there is no point in continuing the rng is not with you likely about to get crit 2 attacks in a row outta nowhere we need a concede button!!!


Concede would be nice but courtesy dictates you finish it the game. If you’re going to concede select all basic attacks until the game is over. Why screw over your opponent by making him or her wait for almost 5 minutes for the next match?


Concede means match end and enemy wins would fix a lot of issues if they just make a button. Doubt enemy is playing for fun of battle experience over incubators or trophies. And if rng leaves you hanging or the enemy team feels op with Dino’s 5 levels above the yours it is a waste of time for both people to drag it on and have a match, this goes doubly for those lurker lvl 30 auto win anyway bots


I have many matches that I know I lost from the first move. Once I have conceeded in my head. I just start swapping to get it over as fast as possible lol


Iv had a lot of battles where game or phone fails have made me leave.


I’ve had battles i was sure to lose after round 1 thanks to unlucky RNG, but finally i still won. Luck can sometimes change within a battle. Or your opponent could do a mistake. One lesson this game should be telling you is to never give up. Well, almost i would say. If you are 0:2 behind and face a high level stegodeus, then even luck can’t help you much any more :slight_smile:


Hahahaha😜 funny


It’s knowing that my quitting after round 1gets people mad that makes it totally worth it.


Or when you do something totally unexpected, and bring a ptero to the party. Give them false hope that they’ll be able to kill it, then impact and run. That’s always a rage-inducer. It either makes the opponent rage-quit, or they end up not thinking clearly. It knocks them off their game.


I do that when enemy dodge all attacks in a row, or when i get stuned whit a skil what dont stun and lose my best dino for this


9??? Wow! The most I got was 6 in a row for evasion. Was comfortably 2-1 up till then and ended up losing.


Especially, when opponent have team full of 2-3level lower than you and dinos they have are no way to counter you as well but then they start to crit like crazy with 5% crit dino and your indo doesnt land a single crit… thats one reasonable rage quit


Rage, usually involves coming to the forums and venting. Passive aggressive types just smile and watch TV while you stew, watching that timer.


It’s a free win when they rage quit, which translates in free incubator, free battle coins …i’ll take it any day, any time. Try to focus on the positive side :wink: