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Honestly tho... (SISS)

Why in the world does swap in stunning strike have the STUN aspect?

• It is already a bailout from a potential loss of a creature.
• it is a move that out-prioritizes priority moves and bypasses speed.
• it is a move that bypasses armor, even when the creatures that use them aren’t supposed to be able to do this.

All of these factors are in conjunction with eachother and you’re telling me to top it off, it has the ability to disrupt an oncoming attack while doing all these other things?
Where’s the actual risk???
Not to mention the move belongs to creatures of the strongest class and the worst perpetrator of this move has another move that will almost guarantee it gets to hit you again and first!

There should be two moves: swap in stun and swap in strike. One for damage one to disrupt.
And that’s it.

Do that or give all cunnings swap-in distracting and dodging strikes and make it a fair party.

Sick of this meta…


Cera makin u mad again?


wooly rhino
Trike g2

U seem like the type of player that doesn’t want an unfair move to be nerfed because u use it


Considering the large hp boost amounts some creatures have, an additional stun chance is important to give the swap in creature the chance to even survive.

Leave it as it is. I‘d even prefer the 100% stun chance they wanted to implement but removed it again.

Also there are enough counters for it and I already faced a lot of very strong Grypos that are perfect to counter those swap in stunners. And there are others good to count these.

Stop nerfing, start buffing.

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Just remove the armour piercing part, I don’t mind it having a stun but the armour piercing needs to be removed.

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Doing so would only buff resilients, which don’t need any help at the moment. SISS is fine as is.

SISS only is fine as long as the creatures that have it do have a weakness.

While Mrhino, for example, definitely is very good it still has no OP moves or stats.

The real problem for me is Magnus, not SISS. Soon we will see them with more than 2700 attack. And this clearly is too much.
Especially in combination with a rampage and acceleration ready once swapped in.


how would removing the armor piercing part of SISS buff them?


Of course you would say that, just look at your name lol.


It will be harder to kill them with swap ins if the attacks don’t go through armor

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Resilients tend to have armor. So removing the armor bypass would benefit Resilients as a whole, while not helping the fierce or cunning. And resilients don’t need any help at this point.

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Swap In Stunning Strike is a resilient move, so that argument cancels itself out.


The move does too much but it’s really only in conjunction with ceras stats and kit that it truly becomes an issue.

Then ludia could just reclassify the creatures with SISS as being fierce resilient then. Taking away the armor piercing aspect of SISS would be a major net buff to the resilients though, and as such is a bad idea. Resilients already have the highest health in the game in addition to shields and armor (and are by far the strongest class), so this move helps level the playing field a bit. Besides, resilients can also use shields to mitigate the damage.

I just don’t understand why the anti SISS crowd wants there to be less counters to the most oppressive class. I get that Magnus is insane but that is only one dino. The rest of the SISS creatures are completely balanced.

Because the move change would slightly hurt resilient creatures.but would benefit fierce and cunning. The move is too powerful in its current form though again I think it’s Cera, not necessarily SISS that’s destroying the arena right now

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But there are now multiple viable swappers and the most recent addition is the best creature in the game, which amplifies the problem exponentially as battles can simply be won by swap chaos and throwing Magnus out there to clean everything up as it is also a force 1v1.

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I maintain that swap-in moves should occur in turn priority, so if you swap a 114 speed Ceramagnus in on a 128 speed Erlikospyx, the Spyx gets to go before Ceramagnus uses its swap-in move. Swap-ins remain pretty good since you’re still getting a move when other creatures wouldn’t, but certain swap-ins–SISS in particular–would be getting a little bit of an intrinsic nerf while Cunnings would see some benefit.

That being said, SISS should probably be 50% chance for Stun, not 67%. Swap-In Headbutt can get the 67% chance, and Swap in Stun should be 100%

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I respect every point you made