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Honey, I'll be right back

Just need to pop outside for a minute.



Uh… I’m sorry honey… I need to go out and get stegosaurus…
I’m just kidding, of course. that’s the only thing I see!
this is probably why you don’t see your local dinos often, and rare/epic rates down, because of “daily migration” dinos.

Did you go out? Did you not go out? Did aliens invade while you was out and you had to fight your way back? Don’t leave us hanging what happened next!?

I finished my rex attempts, and made more indom fuses. :):upside_down_face:

I relate to this so much. Lol

After not being able to find stego for months because it was locked in parks only and my local park isn’t considered a park in the game. I will gladly take stego everywhere.

I have walked a few blocks barefoot in pajama pants at 2am to dart a mono… The struggle is real