Hooligan Timberland lvl 39 freezes

Hooligan Timberland exploration lvl 39 freezes every time I try to battle. I’ve tried 4 times. Everything else works fine. Please let me know what the issue is, and if it’s resolved. I won’t play the level again until I know it won’t steal lives or runes. Please let me know what the issue is and when it’s fixed. Thanks!

Hi, @Teri_Jacobs, I’m sorry to hear that your game session is freezing when you try to start this exploration battle! Our team has been made aware of this issue, and they’re working on a fix.

Mine does too. I’ve tried emailing the support team and they always say it’s either my WiFi blah blah. I know it’s the game since everything else works. The only way to get out of it when it freezes is to restart the whole game! Very frustrating.

Please let me know when I can resume play of the level! As Mayra says, the only way out is to close the app, and you’ve lost lives and runes, if you used any.

Yes, it’s definitely frustrating to have to close the app and lose lives/runes/progress in the battle. I was soooo close to defeating the dragons too!