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Hope they fix the stat boosts this way

I have a suggestion that will please both Pro-Stat Boosters, and Stat Boost Haters:

  • Stat Boost should be kept the way it is, EXCEPT Stat Boosts are only allowed to be implemented on Commons, Rares, and Epics, or even to Legendaries, BUT NOT TO UNIQUES. This will LESSEN unfair matchmakings, and will be fair since both groups (Likers and Haters) will both benefit from it

  • This would additionally shake up the meta, since there would be more choices on what to use for your strike team. (And not just the same end-game viable uniques; such as Magna, Thor, Dilorach, Tryko, Erli, etc.

  • Limit the stat boosts sources in just STAT BOOST dedicated strike events, maybe even as rewards in tourneys, in 12 hr to 24 hr Battle Incubators, and MAYBE even once every 2 weeks there would be ONE random 25 Stat Boost (whether Health, Speed, or Damage) for sale. (VIPs would get one extra random stat boost for sale)

  • Do not, I SAID DO NOT, implement Stat Boosts on Armor and Crit Chance, Please, this will very likely destroy the game even more. Its how much armor and crit chance is what defines a dino that you would use, and so if you just implement these, your just basically handing out these advantages and collecting DNA would even be more useless

  • Refund everybody 2500 hard cash no matter who they are or how much they spent on Stat Boosting different dinos. (And in this way the “Stat Boost Sale Exploiters” will in a way get punished because they most likely spent a lot on the bug to stat boost uniques)

What do yall guys think?

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I think that if no boosts for Uniques were added, then anything that is boosted below that rank will become FAR more powerful then any unique dino is now.

Would in effect render them obsolete, but only because boosts are so powerfull.

I like the tier limit ideas better. IE - Legends get X amount more boosts then Uniques, Epics get X amount more boosts then Legends, etc etc.

Uniques not having stat boosts would be bad, an example of this: I know that Allosino is close to Thor in power, but him having more speed and crit keeps him above. But if Uniques don’t get stat boosts, then Allosino will just be the new Thor.

You want a world where i can boost utasino but not rinex… because rinex is a unique?

I think the main change we need for boosts is a boost range limit. Limit it to where your highest boost can be no more than 3 tiers higher than your lowest. This forces you to spread your boosts out instead it making one boosted monster that you 3-0 if you get or lose if you don’t.

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Well i have been thinkin about that, i just forgot to add it in there, i would say
Common: up to 50% boost (dmg, hp, and speed, when maxed out)
Rare: up to 45%
Epic: up to 40%
Legend: up to 35%

Having indeed used my boosted Allosino to destroy Thors a couple levels higher than her, I can safely say that not allowing unique boosting is a not good idea. Their power is supposed to reflect the work put into creating them, in part. You want people to put all that effort in when they could just save their money and boost their legendaries until they’re even better?

I keep saying make a limit of 6 boosts in general for creature, to make people think instead of Upgrading everything like maniacs

Still think that best solution for boosts would be reducing to boost for only half of current boost (attack, hp for 25%, speed max +50). Could also lock last 2 or three levels to required dino lvl (only available after dino reaches lvl 25 for example).

How about make boosts only usable on level 30 dinos? That’ll give you something to do when you’ve maxed your dinos and arenas won’t be so crazy.