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Hopes for Patch 1.6


Quick breakdown of changes discussed in the past I, and i’m sure others, would love to see coming for the upcoming Patch 1.6:





That said, I’d like to thank Ludia for all the hardwork that they put into this game and express my appreciation to the fact that Ludia does pay attention to their forums/player’s ideas!

Oh, and another ban wave on cheaters wouldnt hurt…

EDIT: Forgot about the easily forgettable Unique, Grypolyth…let’s turn it into something that can be considered feasible for battle…


I hope to see some bugs fixed, there are some that are here since 1.3


Also the green supply drops have become “epic” themselves…It’s getting harder and harder to find one. Sometimes I need to drive 5 miles to find one…


I want a new common dino to replace the Diplo that are everywhere around my zone.

And for the bugs to be fixed. Some of them have been going on for far too long.

Finally, I want there to be a better way of getting certain dinos from incubators that doesn’t involve me dropping down all the time.


Don’t forget speed ties, still waiting for a solution…


Banning cheaters is number 1 on my list. If Ludias cheating policy was as strict as their censorship on this forum, we’d be set!


I disagree with the armor (I see it as an acceptable tradeoff for the speed) but otherwise agree

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Along with bug fixes (most notably dinos stuck in strike towers), I want a buff to Magna and I’ll be a happy player. Fix Magna, Ludia, please! Such a hard to make unique needs to be worth the effort.


Cheating has to be addressed… its gotten worse and Ludia seems to be doing nothing. Because if they continue to turn a blind eye more people are going to be joining the l5 population. That means more max level accounts which is going to lead to a new kind of complaints on these forums…

We have maxed our team and need something new to do. And thats not a problem I think Ludia is fully prepared to deal with.


I mean, clearing the Leaderboard is obviously a focal point of interest, I just didn’t wanna ring on with a point that the forum brings up daily


I really want to see sauropods and crocs get a revamp… perferably both…but one a patch would be nice… bring them up like they did bleeders.

I did notice as i mentioned in my thread they have added notifications for people joining or getting kicked from an alliance… not quite working yet but hopefully that means more alliance stuff is coming.


It seems the top of the leaderboard only have handful of players to Review:

Heck, give me an afternoon,
A Cheeseburger and a Coca Cola and I’ll have all of that done by sun down …

(ludia, DM me to negotiate my rate …)


For the armor on Thor i don’t know, seems like a reasonable trade off counting the speed and the others improvements Thor gets over allosino, maybe only 10%?
Also i want all the bugs that are here since 1.3 fixed, absurd that they still havent fixed them.




Seasoned :fries:


Bug fixes, yes! For sure.

I am all for cheater bans as well.

I disagree with the Thoradolosaurus armor, it’s already a superior Allosinosaurus, other than the minor lost bulk. Let Allosinosaurus have something on her successor.

A tiny buff on Magnapyrritor I can get behind. Just don’t break her. Same as Touramoloch.

Diloracheirus and Erlidominus both need to get their speed cut to 126 or something similar. Also, as Ludia stated they want to differentiate Diloracheirus from Diloranosaurus. Give Diloracheirus minimal speedup strike then, so superiority strike is a viable counter against it, like it should be against fast distracting dinosaurs. Just do something with those two, they are not okay balance wise right now for what they offer. A very minor Trykosaurus nerf wouldn’t hurt either.

Hopefully some buffs to more common dinosaurs lagging behind because of hybrids. Specifically the non-hybrid raptors and chompers need something to make being viable niche dinosaurs.

Buff to Crocodiles. Seriously. Sarcorixis is kinda okay, but Sarcosuchus, Purrusaurus (both Gen) and Purrolyth SUCKS. Grypolyth could use a minor buff as well.

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I’m wondering if they will have a migration again. Throwing Stegosaurus into parks really killed the leveling of itself and 3 other good dino’s.

It was hard to get use to the 1.4 to 1.5 change. Maybe I shouldn’t suggest migrations. On the other hand, if they had whole zone migrations all the time, I would save and plan for what I would work on later knowing I could get back to what I was working no now as everything rotated around.


I hope we get a migration again, because the current spawns are awful, night spawns are completely worthless (besides kapro and velociraptor maybe), all the best epics and rares are daytime only and almost all the common hybrid fodder like stego or dilo g2 are park only, it will hardly be worse than 1.5.

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Oh ya, i nearly forgot about the “hard to make, not even worth using” Unique, Grypolyth…


Diorajasaur needs a buff too. I’d like what they did with the sino hybrids, both Thor and utarinex are very good although utarinex is a bit better in this meta. Unlike diorajasaur, tryko is extremely strong and diorajasaur is almost unusable.