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Hopes for Patch 1.6

To be honest, as a player who constantly uses Diorajasaurus, all I feel it is missing is a bit more hp (250 I’d say) and I think a 15-20% crit chance could make it feel much more consistent and menacing.

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yet I can’t find not one grypo

I think these are great ideas. My two cents is give players a way to l ow what zone they’re currently in since dinos are zone locked. I know the commons usually show you, but what if there is not any commons around? I rode around for a good 20 mins the other day in downtown spot I used to Pokemon hunting in, and there were towers and droos everywhere and some Allo and Apato, but no zone defining commons. So took me a while to figure out the zone. So why not color coordinate supply drops, add letters to the ground on the map marking it off, or color coordinate the map itself. Especially if you’re hunting a certain epic and you drop a scent in Le and somehow venture into L4. My opinion, just think it would be great.


I’d say around 4500 hp, 110 spd, ,1000 atk and long pro instead of short defense, remove its swap in ferocity.

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The swap in ferocity what gives it’s identity, I really don’t want that to be changed.
The stat changes I can get behind, other than the attack buff, since I rather have it keep the SIA.

Also… I don’t think giving it long protection is a good idea, since that would make Rajakylosaurus even more obsolete. Let hybrids have different identities, I am perfectly fine with them having different kind of protections. Especially since Raj can’t break shields, while Dio can.

The swap in ferocity makes it locked for 2 turns, which in many scenarios makes it get killed. I’d rather have a defensive swap in ability in place of offensive swap in ability though, such as ferocious strike + swap in defense or swap in protection instead of short defense + swap in ferocity.

That’s a good point though. That change would be not so bad either.

I 100% agree with a Magna buff. It’s such a hard Dino to make and level up, it’s stats and abilities need improving. More health (+10-20%, 3k health is pathetic), Swap api for Distracting Rampage (from pyrritator) and if they really want to make it a beast, speed of 130… It’ll be the fastest unique in the game but may be a little overkill, then again look what they did to Tryko and erlidom.

I could get behind a Dio buff too, as a unique it should be better. Mines at lvl 23 and I run her in my team with mixed results, but it looks like Godzilla… I can’t swap her out. More health is essential and I like the SIA, think long protection would be a good idea and would be a direct upgrade from rajakylo. Which is what a hybrid should be, taking all the best points from it’s predecessors to make a better dino… Hense why they are harder to make.


How about, and this is crazy I know, but how about this update we actually get some bug fixes like they’ve been promising for months?

Nah you’re right that’s nuts lets just add in more dinos that do nothing to address the issues with the game but make a nice distraction.

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“Hopes for Patch 1.6”

to have the release notes out soon
“soon” meaning Friday

Yes please, holy jeez. I just had a Sino appear inside a strike tower on top of my house. Thanks so much Ludia for never fixing this obvious flaw in your events.