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Hoping Alice or Felicia comes back soon

Or another female maybe Sage

Agreed! But while I love Eve and Felicia, and I wait with bated breath to see how their stories unfold. They’ve been updated quite a bit recently. So I’d love to see the other girls who haven’t been updated recently have some time in the spotlight, like Clementine, Dahlia, Sage etc, before we go back to them.

Today I got a notification that said, ‘She’s howling at the moon, will you join her?’ So hopefully, that means Sage(/Vitoria) is returning soon. :crossed_fingers:

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I got that as well and also Noah :roll_eyes:

Well, you both will be happy because Sage is back :blush:


I’m really happy now Jasmin next please :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sage is back!

Thanks for the heads up, but I already knew :+1: