Hoping to find a very active Spanish speaking alliance

I just recruited a few new people and learned that two speak Spanish only. I think they would be happier in a group where there isn’t a language barrier. I’m trying to help them find a full alliance that meets 5/4 every week. Any help is appreciated!

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There is an alliance called Colombia. There they will be welcome. Please give me the usernames to identify them.

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Sorry if I sound fussy but wonder if your gang is reaching 5/4?

if you mean the alliance missions, we are reaching 4/3, precisely because of lack of active players

I will try and ask them if they would prefer to do this. I appreciate the help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Curious if you have considered recruiting to replace some of the players you have that are at 0 for trophies. It makes an amazing difference in missions.

I would like to time removing them and you sending invites shortly after so please let me know.

My post with their info got hidden, will see if it comes up soon

Not seeing it, would like to time it so the invites are sent shortly after I remove them. Let me know when you are ready.

Thank you!

i’m ready……

These players wanted to join your alliance.
This way of thinking in the quote is quite degrading to others. Unless they said this themselves, then they are being kicked out on only assumptions on your part.

I have a member that is bilingual that has helped out and I have spent a lot of today trying to find an alliance that would suit them better. I created a channel on discord so we are able to have some communication, but timing it and getting them to join has been interesting. Anyone that knows me knows that the last thing I do is degrade people. There is a language barrier and trying to do the right thing wasn’t right at all according to you.

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If there is no rule against being foreign then they know they have to work extra hard as a courtesy to everyone else and learn to use duolingo app or the discord translator programs.

I’m trying to accommodate at this point, or at least try anyway. If I could take what they message in the game and copy it, I would Google translate, but copying text doesn’t work. I have no rules at all and they did express frustration by apologizing several times. Did you read the part above about trying to get them to join Discord?

After all that was written above I think what I am trying is clear. Sorry for making you wait. I am going to keep both players for now and if it doesn’t work out I will get in touch again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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you can borrow my spanish speaking members if you want to.
when members used to be reluctant to join discord I used to tell them they dont even have to download it. they can easily use the computer version of discord and it is no different from when they spend time on facebook anyways.

I have a great member who is bilingual so I’m good, but thank you. Still wondering why you came into this post and criticized me, took a positive act and made it negative somehow when you have no way to offer literally anything at all to the OP. Find something else to do.

There is no negativity here. You yourself said the members had not gone against any of the rules of your alliance. I am just pointing out that if they have not done anything like that then you are just being unfair to them.

It is fair to troll posts that have nothing to do with you so you can make someone feel bad for having good intentions. Understood fully and please don’t respond to anything else posted by me which will be very few because of people like you.

You are taking it too far.