Hoping to return

Hi. Some might remember me, some might not. I have been playing since release, had to get my account restarted the begining of this year because of the “cheaters protocol” (since I took advantage of some bugs and didn’t want my account banned). I think all of this happened in February or March I think? Anyways, I stopped playing after update 52 (have been in JWA instead) and would like to know what’s new and if it’s good for me to return to the game!


Welcome back!
Right now I think there are some login issues with Facebook but I don’t see reason to not come back. If I’m not mistaken there is actually a daily calendar for returning players so that could be an incentive.


Yeah, there have been a few fb glitches but the discounts are insane (although they end tomorrow….), plus i think if you go inactive for a few months then come back you get a reward depending on your level.
Plus, scorpius rex came out!