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Horrendously low amount of green drops

The more we want something, the less likely ludia will give us
I was so excited for tenonto event, guess what?

I’m not seeing any at the moment either.

While driving around in the city I notice a very strange distribution. Some areas, a kilometre long, everything is a regular drop. At other areas half of them are green. Luckily my area is like that, I currently have 3 in range and many more in sight.

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yes, there appears to only be 7 green drops on my entire map

Same for me, none in the nine around my house. Quite convenient when it’s a desirable creature like Tenotosaurus. Make of that what you will :eyes:

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I have 2 in my circle. I had 3 yesterday and monday though

Honestly, it would be nice if Ludia changed the supply drop distribution. With COVID, many of us can’t go outside. So maybe changing the ratio of green drops to orange/purple ones?


lets just hope ludia doesn’t make the drop ratio irrational again

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I think the ratio should be for 1 sanctuary, there is 2 green drops and 3 orange. That way, it might be able to help. If you didn’t have a sanc nearby, well, I suppose we’ll feel bad for you.

ratio between green and orange is a problem, because they’re always uneven in different places, but that’s not the main problem, if they add more green and reduce the orange ones, there will be less strike towers available. Instead, they should increase the amount of all drops so theres literally a drop every 30 metres

both amount of green drops and amount of ‘valuable’ strike towers should be looked into, ludia should increase those, not increasing the number of 15m/3h strike towers, there’re too many of them already

They are hard to find

It’s awful, yeah. Haven’t had a green drop in range in a couple weeks now. There’s still a pandemic going on, I’m not exactly running around all over town.

It can’t be that complicated an algorithm. You’ve got a known diameter of player circles, so put at least 1 green, 1 sanctuary, and some normal/strikes in every dimension of that length. Done.

Their stops aren’t even dependent on real landmarks, so they’ve got the flexibility to make it work!

I found outside my work this afternoon and just got home to find two have appeared in range.

i have 2 rn

This happens sometimes. Friends and I have noticed that sometimes, parts of our cities contain almost zero green drops while other parts have a whole bunch. I think Ludia keeps messing with distribution trying to fix things, but they’re doing something wrong.

I’ve posted these before, but here are a couple areas of my small city in December. Uptown looked like this in every direction:


A random neighborhood a few blocks away (not a hidden park) looked like this:


And the rest of town was “normal” with 1-2 green drops per block.