Horror of herbivores

How do you all manage events like these i can manage the 1st stage but come stage 2 and my Pterosaurs just aren’t capable or are these events not catered to the low/mid level player

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Looks like you need to do some serious reserving on the first creature. The scale of these events is odd, at least there is some scale but it is lopsided for sure. I had slightly tougher creatures at level 75 but not by much, however, I have pterosaurs with +1,000 attack and was able to make very quick work of the event.

My only suggestion would have been select a flyer that can survive at least one attack in the first slot and then block until you can reserve at least four or if the opponent leaves an opening where you can take out the first creature with still allowing 3 reserve to go to your second creature take it. But yes the scale of these setups favor (from a difficulty perspective) late game players.


Thx for the reply

It would have been nice to build up reserve but even my best ptero needed a 5 hit to beat the first opponent and it could 2 hit my ptero so best you could achieve was a 5 point reserve so sacrificing your 1st ptero wouldn’t have worked either.