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Hot swap Dino 3 and 4 rewards 10 Trophies

Iv’e noticed that if you kill 2 there dino they hot swap between there last 2 dino and it will be 10 trophies every time. If they don’t hot swap last 2 dino’s they seem to reward full points i’m 99.9% sure that’s whats happening. I always get 10 trophies if they hot swap between last 2 dino’s. I Don’t understand why either i’m very sure this is bugged its ridiculous !

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I’ve personally done this to people using over boosted Thor and Tryko. My trophies vary on how much I lose or gain. Its not always 10.

Hi ASTA i understand what your saying but say if your winning and they hot swap there last 2 dinos and you do infact win do you see 10 points ? if you lose you lose like 30 ish. iv’e been watching the points if they do not hot swap dino 3 and 4 i get awarded full points like i should but if the hot swap constant between 3 and 4 its always 10 trophies constant not sure why either

Just opened (and withdrew) a topic on this myself. The amount of people showing this silly behaviour has increased hugely lately. Is it a sad way to cripple their opponents progress just because they can’t handle their loss…??

yes for sure im 100% that this is the case

How is it crippling their progress if they win anyway? :laughing:

If I’m battling a Thor with 180+ speed and 2000+ attack at 4500 trophies, I’m going to make them suffer a little. Make them work a little for that incubator. Makes me feel better. :slight_smile:

Many people did this before DracoG2 was nerfed also.

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it seems to be it crippling the person that wins, There losing person hot swaps there dino 3 and 4 then when you kill 1 of those to end the game you gain 10 trophies

I’ve had people swap around their teams the whole match to me and I’ve won 24 trophies. I’ve lost to people doing doing it and lost around the same amount.

This is not just happening with over levelled DC and Thor as I have neither. Don’t even have Thor! And it does cripple you because it takes +20 trophies from you that you would have gained if your opponent wasn’t as pathetic. Also with the current -50 per loss the difference just keeps getting bigger

What arenas are you in by the way, because I’m not seeing this in Aviary. The losing 10, or gaining 10 from switching I mean.

That is what the AI does in Marshes and below. If you lost two battles you face AI. It will always swap the last two Dino without making a hit, so you win every time.

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This confuses me.
If your opponent keeps swapping back and forth between dinosaurs, how are you losing? You’re getting a free hit in each time they swap.

Currently im in Sorna Marshes but from what I understand my alliance members are also experiencing this in Lockdown & Badlands

I’m in 2500 -3000 league but its the hot swaps between dino 3 and 4 that kill the points for winning that battle they still lose the same amount it just effects the person that wins if they choose to hot swap

I never said I’m losing. I said it cripples your progress… as in your arena / trophy progress that is.

Ok, say you win a match and get 10 trophies for winning. That is still progress. A small amount, but still progress. The amount of trophies you earn are based off of the amount of trophies your opponent has compared to you.

Be happy you’re guaranteed at least 10 trophies for a win now. Before they changed it I had many battles where I would lose 50 if I lost and if I won I’d get 1-3.

That is the system AI or BOT you are battling. They will do that every time so you get the win.


Idk about that its always dino 3 and 4 hot swap constant causing the problem

See woodchucks reply. After two losses, you will face AI, and they tend to hotswap their last two Dino’s. It’s part of their MO, sometimes with swap in bleed. Happens in Sorna and below. So it’s not poor losers. And since it’s AI, it awards less trophies.

Good luck.

Also pay attention to the team and levels, you will notice a pattern depending on what arena you are in. Check the frequency you see this and if you had two losses before it happens.

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To add:

The AI can be boosted also. Not heavily but they can be boosted in any or all categories. And they can also swap in/out DC as one of the last two. Almost lost to one doing that!