Hot take/Discussion: I think we should phase out full immunity as a whole

Before I get my throat ripped out, I want to make my case.

Full Immunity is boring. Full immunity completely hinders any form of interesting gameplay from moves like Stunning Strikes, swap in utility moves, the 2 new Snake Counter attacks, bleeding attacks, etc. Full immunity makes dinos powerful, at the cost of any form of fun and interesting gameplay, and above all, threatens balance.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the absolute extinction of Dilorach, Rinex, Utasinoraptor, etc. in high tier play because they simply can’t compete with immune dinos. What full immunity does is lessen the amount of viable dinos in the endgame, now that full immunity is basically a one way ticket to the top assuming you have somewhat passable stats and moves.

However interesting or fun certain things can be to use due to their kits, they are shut out and rendered nonviable by the many amount of full immune dinos in the meta. The idea of partial immunites has basically offered us a potential solution. Give full immune dinos 1, AT MOST 2, partial immunities, and buff them to compensate for the loss. Here’s a few example reworks I thought of (components adjusted as needed, but not mentioned here):


  • Gains Immune to Stuns, Deccel Strike becomes Superiority Strike, healh increased to 5900.


  • Gains Immune to Stuns and Deceleration, attack increased to 1700, health increased to 3500, speed increased to 130.


  • Gains Immune to Distract and Deceleration, Health increased to 4000, attack increased to 1450.


  • Gains Immune to Distract and Swap Prevention, Health increased to 3800.


  • Gains Immunity to Swap Prevention and Stuns, health increased to 4800, attack increased to 1300.


  • Gains Immunity to Distract, health increase to 6400.

These are all just hypotheticals. So, what do you think?

  • Full Immunity should be phased out in favor of partial immunities.
  • This is a bad idea.

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I’m up for it. And while we are at it, change around some of the current partial immunities. Some make no sense while some dinos have a combo of two that make it difficult to counter with their kits as is. (looking at the indos and entelemoth.)


Right, especially when certain dinos with immunity to distract and bleed have cleansing moves anyway.



Like what I mentioned in another post.

LThere are only 21 creatures with full immnitty. Out of 190 total creatures. That’s about 11%.

Of the 21, only about 5 that are end game material.

So, you want to do major revamp cos of about 5 creatures that are immune and end game material?


I do. I believe with this change, we could encourage more dinos to be used in the meta, bringing variety and as a result of that, more fun.

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If every dino is gonna be the same as the rest, it will be boring. Seriously, why can’t some dinos be better?


I’m all for it.

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I am totally in favor of some dinos being better than others, but I don’t believe this is a simple case of “these dinos are better than these.” It’s more like “these dinos push other dinos out of viability and make the arena boring due to a mechanic that hinders more strategic play.” I think this would be far better for the longevity of the arena.


I think Dilorach is in the state it’s in more because of the fact that Immunity to stun (the partial-immunity) is the most common form of Immunity. That and the fact that the creatures that have it are not only relevant, but accessible. Ludia just handed out stun-immunity willy-nilly, to the point that stunning is no longer viable unless it’s a secondary effect.

Paramoloch, Indoraptor and Indoraptor G2 are the most to blame, in my opinion, at least in Aviary. These three are extremely common, so the fact that they’re all Immune to stuns makes a big difference. Thylacotator and Smilocephalosaurus, also Tuoramoloch and Smilonemys contribute to the problem.

Then there’s Gemini, which got Immunity to stuns from absolutely nowhere.

I don’t think the fully-immunes (except Gemini) are to blame here. Sure, Procera and Maxima are OP, and anything that does badly against them won’t be favoured as much, but full Immunity has never been a problem before.
When did the complaints start? After the partials, if I’m not mistaken.

Fully-immune creatures are meant to have lower base stats than regular creatures, which makes using them a gamble unless you need to have an ironclad debuff-counter at-hand, or the Immune creature has a useful gimmick like Cloak, and counters something important.


Just because some dinos have full Immunity does not mean they cannot be defeated.

My Erlidominus is defeated many times. Same with my maxima.

Have you ever not defeated a full immune creature?


I disagree, partially. I do feel like full immunity has become more common, which it shouldn’t be considering how strong it is, but I feel like some dinosaurs should still have it. Maybe make it not as widespread and common as it is now and limit it to only a specific 1 dinosaur lines (I.E only the sailed dinosaurs like the Dimetrodon line) or something. I dunno I don’t even play anymore I don’t really have a say in this I guess lol.

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You have a very solid point.

Partial immunities did contribute to the demise of utility creatures, but I believe my proposal remedies the issue slightly. By making certain top tier dinos now able to be handled by the current rubbish pile, that opens up new opportunities for them to shine. Although, I fully agree that Ludia has been WAY too liberal with handing out partial immunities.

Of course they can be defeated. Every dino can be beaten.

But I’m saying that in the name of making the arena a more fun place with greater variety of dinos, and encouraged use of strategic tactics that aren’t utterly shut out by one ability and rendered nonviable, I think the phasing out of full immunity for partial immunities could be highly beneficial.

The only reason the smilodon line go immune to stun was to counter the DCs running around. A lower level smiloceph was dead meat if it couldn’t kill DC in one hit. Still think a headbutting turtle cat would not be as susceptible to stuns as other creatures.

Para didn’t need immunity to stun. And the indos should really have one partial each and make them be different. (not saying one has to have immunity to stun)

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Rebalancing a few of the fully-immunes and especially re-assigning partials would go a long way imo. Just finish with that, then sit back and watch what changes. If that doesn’t work, only then should something as drastic as completely removing full-Immunity be considered.

Even if the change in partials was restricted solely to the Indoraptors it would have an impact, due to the fact that 99% of teams in Aviary run both.

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Indoraptors are not fully immune.

I’m just saying that, in combination, they’re contributing to the problem. They don’t all have to lose the Immunity to rebalance things, only some of them do. I agree with you completely.

I meant the re-assigning of partials.
I’ve edited it now.

I can understand nerfing cautious strike. But not the 2 immunities the indos have.


I should mention I currently have decent level and in a few cases highly boosted:


And I’ve used mini.

I still voted yes.

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