Hot take on why people find higher arenas not fun

The reason why so many people drop from shores to library is because they are just fighting the same creatures again and again,but the thing is if any game has a meta at the top level u will just find meta things,in bralw stars once u reach legendary one u will fight Janet’s,Bonnie’s,crows and etc,in valorant it is raze,cypher,breach,if Ludia makes more things low tryant,not broken like ace,people would be less inclined to drop and stay in the higher arenas,therefore more people being able to get higher in the arena,getting better rewards,using the rewards to stay in gyro/shores and people will be complaining about droppers less because there will be less droppers,people may or may not agree so tell me your thoughts

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You don’t get better rewards past Aviary, so a least some people do it for that.

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Season rewards?

That’s it however. Otherwise there is no incentive to go higher, and you still get a fairly decent amount in Aviary/Low Library.

This is where having team battles would help keep interest where your battling for an alliance trophy score instead of just your own personal one. But I suppose team battling may not be any interest to the top players and would be more for a different type player. As much as I would like to see team vs team added, this is probably not the vision for this game although they have all the workings for it both in play and creature moves.