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Hot take poll

Which is more infuriating/ frustrating/hurting for you

  • Playing Jurassic world alive arena
  • Playing Getting over it
  • Playing Geometry dash
  • Bashing you head against a wall for fun

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Well, this one is obvious.

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Lol is it though

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I quite enjoy Geometry Dash, actually. I play it far more than I do the JWA arena. I also sometimes bash my head against a wall, and that gives me less of a headache than the arena.


Same but I’ve heard a lot of people hate its cause it’s very hard to get good at

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Here here :cup_with_straw:

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I’ve completely ditched the arena, no point in it when you’re going to get ripped apart out there. My battle thrill instead comes from doing older campaign levels, The only time when I would dare go into the arena is when I absolutely have to. An example is when I have to get a daily battle incubator, which isn’t even worth it most of the time. Another thing I do instead of fight is collect, and try to unlock creatures that I haven’t gotten yet. I’m very close to unlocking keratoporcus right now, and I’m very excited about it.


I mean, If you’re bashing your head for fun, then at least in this option we are sure that fun is being had. And If you’re masochistic you may actually enjoy the arena.


The fact no one has chosen getting over it is amazing

31 votes in and things aren’t looking good for the old arena

The fact that bashing your head against a wall is in second place by like a mile is just hilarious :laughing:

Keep them votes coming

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You leave me and my head bashing wall alone!


Good thing you just need to tap it and it gives you your trophies back. Sadly I’m at 4350 so I have to go back. Luckily I just got indom to 22. I also just got maxima and can upgrade with an erlidom and a Thor in the way. I might replace spinotosuchus with thyla. I think I can get to 5000 in like two weeks

I would bash my head on a wall over the arena anyday


Another option should be: When they added boosts to JWA, and also Lania, Moth, and Indo G2.

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Dont forget the epic hybrid tournament

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I do both :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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Ludia seeing this poll:


I’m so glad I’m not the only one feeling the frustration of this game tbh

I found myself a little torn, because I often felt it I was both playing JWA arena, AND bashing my head against a wall at the same time!