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[Hotfixes] Rise of Berk - April 4, 2020

A minor update is now available on iOS and Android to fix the following issues from the most recent Easter Update. Amazon will receive this update within the week, stay tuned!

Our team is also aware of the known issues listed below, and will be working on fixes for future updates.

  • Fixed crash when accessing the Dragon Hangar
  • Reversed accidental Sweet Death nerf
  • Fixed occasional crash that occurred when entering game as a Dragon Rider with Gauntlet active

Known Issues

  • Missing Dragon level of owned Dragons in the information pop-up
  • Missing text for rewards on the Gauntlet map
  • Dragons becoming invisible after completing Training at the Academy from the Hangar
  • Tapping on the Hangar Level-Up icon does not redirect to the trained Dragon
  • Removing rocks on Itchy Armpit island not awarding runes
  • Daily/Weekly resource gathering Gobber’s Duties indicated in millions are rounded up
  • Re-working on Seasonal Currency trades

Thank you to all our players for your continuous feedback!

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you are still encountering some of the Bug Fixes issues listed above. Make sure to include your game support key.


The fact that there are no more videos to watch for a while for the runes when you solve it?

Hey there Giulia_Giuli, we removed the Legendary Dragons cinematics in order to optimize the game. We will be making the videos available on our social media platforms so you can watch them there!

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What are the social platforms? Instagram?

Yes, we will post the videos on Facebook. Later we will also post them on IGTV (Instagram), and maybe even Youtube!

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Has anyone else reported that the puzzle pieces for the Thawfest “special dragon” are locked up and will not allow or advance your ability to select puzzles pieces. However it is advancing the clock. Mildly perturbed about this as a Dragon Rider.

Hey there Tricia, There are currently only 14 days left for the Thawfest Egg Hunt. In order to slowly unlock the Dragon egg you have to find the eggs on Berk that are bouncing. You can also click the egg icon at the bottom right of the notification bar (you nay have to scroll up to see it). Then you will click “Find an Egg” and “Find Extra Egg” (for Dragon Riders) buttons which lead you to the egg on Berk, click that egg on Berk to unlock a piece of the Dragon egg puzzle.

If the “Find an Egg” buttons cannot be clicked, is grayed out and there is a timer over it, this means you have clicked it in the past 22 hours. Simply come back when the timer is up to find a new piece of the puzzle! Hope this helps!

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I’m aware of those elements of the contest, HOWEVER it is not functioning properly. My egg icon on the side says “Last Chance” and for the past 3 days, I have been unable to find any bouncing eggs, to allow me to select any of the puzzle pieces. This is not an issue of a lack of user understanding or a timer, but a coding error in the game software.

Hey there Tricia,
Sorry i thought I’d explain it all just to make sure we were also talking about the right thing! That sounds like a timer issue since the “Last Chance” text only comes up when the event is over and there is still 14 days left. Please send a screen shot and your support key to so our support team can assist you accordingly, and we will investigate this issue! Thanks for taking the time to write to us, hope this helps.

BTW, I don’t know if this helps, but historically, I have often seen the “LAST CHANCE!” pop up if you’re in the game when the countdown hits zero. There seems to be some kind of delay before the game spawns the eggs to be collected. It usually goes away after a few seconds, or at worst, on restart. It sounds like Tricia is somehow stuck with the game not spawning eggs.

How do Facebook videos work for the game?

Hi, have a question, couldn’t you have a light fury without becoming a dragon rider? I do not say to have extra runes or an extra bag I have early access to events but to have the possibility of having a clear fury and that’s enough as you have toothless

And more than a week I try to watch the rune videos but nothing gives me a rune anymore when I watch the rune videos

Hello, Giulia_Giuli. Not receiving runes after watching the rune videos does seem unusual. Please reach out to our support team at as they would be glad to have a closer look at this and assist you. Kindly include your device information as well as your support key as it helps them locate your account faster. Thank you!

This happens all the time

What to do to solve this problem