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[Hotfixes] Rise of Berk - December 17, 2019

A minor update will soon be available to fix the following known issues from the most recent Snoggletog Update.

  • Fixed the Gauntlet and Loyalty Event Dragons given to players at wrong level
    • You will still keep your Dragon
  • Fixed lives taken from VIP players when winning a match in Gauntlet Events
  • Fixed the progression marker on the Gauntlet map
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when using Special Ability while New Brawl Abilities were active
  • Fixed Resource Meter not updating after using the Gather All Statue
  • Fixed several French text bugs
  • Removed Runes icon appearing over Riders’ Houses
  • Fixed the missing Training Complete icon over the Riders’ Houses
  • Fixed the display issues of some Dragon species in Bundles
  • Night Light names are now translated in all available languages

Thank you for all your feedback and patience!