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[Hotfixes] Rise of Berk - February 16th, 2021

Hello Vikings,

A minor update (1.54.14) will be available soon to fix the known issues from Update 1.54. It is slowly rolling out so make sure to keep a close eye on your app store and update your game when it’s available. Thank you for all your patience!

  • Fixed Dragons auto-gathering resources when returning to the app from minimized state
  • Fixed random HUD elements overlapping popups when returning to the app from minimized state
  • Fixed Valka Training popup appearing for no reason when returning to the app from minimized state
  • Fixed SFX and music playing when minimizing the app or accessing OS notifications
  • Fixed rock never disappearing from Itchy Armpit Island
  • Fixed progression blocker in Tutorial when playing as Dragon Riders
  • Fixed placeholder textures appearing on Berk Island
  • Fixed placeholder texture appearing on Academy lvl 10
  • Fixed cut off Dragon and card pack names in all languages
  • Fixed iOS HOME button (notch) overlapping on-screen elements
  • Fixed infinite loading on Google and Amazon when hatching a new species
  • Fixed random issues causing the game to crash and optimized game performances

As always, please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.


Awesome. Glad to see. Will check my App Store.


I see the deliberate, malicious change to exploration to trick us into spending runes has not been reverted despite many complaints.

Not cool.


Great to see these fixes however I still can’t progress through the game as every time I click toothless my game closes can we please try to fix this as I got the riders subscription 29 mi a befor I found this bug


@James_Humphrys please write to our support staff at, our staff will be there to assist you. Make sure to include your game Support Key.


I’ve run into the same issue as well. Can’t progress with collection quests now. This sucks and wastes all the previous time spent on the collection thus far.

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@AMBient_xL our team is currently looking into this issue, to help us, please write to our support staff at Make sure to include your game Support Key.


This update hasn’t fixed anything for me. All my high collecting dragons are greyed out meaning I can’t collect anything properly. Iron is the biggest issue as when I pick a not greyed out Dragon to collect it then becomes greyed out and I lose everything. I have spent hundreds of millions of fish and wood trying to do this and it simply won’t work. It’s an even bigger issue as I can’t recoup my fish and wood stocks properly now either. As it stands there is no point in me even playing anymore as I can’t do anything


Thank you guys for fixing the Toothless crash issue. Sucks I missed out on a collection, but glad it’s back to normal now.