[Hotfixes] Rise of Berk - February 19, 2020

A minor update will soon be available to all players. Read on to see what has been added and fixed since the most recent Valentine Update!

NEW Gobber’s Duties

  • Weekly Duties and Exclusive Riders Duties have been added!
    • Weekly Duties reset on Sundays at Midnight (ET)
    • Riders Duties reset every 3 days
  • Dragon Riders get bonus Cards in their Daily and Weekly Gobber’s Duties Packs

Note: Gobber Duties will reset when downloading the New Update - A compensation gift was sent to mailbox

Added information panel for Costumes in Market

  • Fixed various issues with Gobber’s Duties
  • Fixed random Dragon Rider subscription temporary loss on login
  • Fixed Dragon Rider subscription not being recognized when playing on multiple devices
  • Fixed invisible Titan Dragons of Valentine Update
  • Fixed turn indicator in Brawl
  • Fixed animation for Rumblehorn special attack in Brawl
  • Fixed stability issues when playing on cross devices and platforms
  • Dragons from Halloween Flock are now purchasable with runes

Thank you for all your feedback and patience!

Note: Please contact our support staff at Dragons@ludia.com if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.


Since the hotfix went live this afternoon, there is a lag (the whole game freezes for 1-2 seconds) between you select a dragon and when you can call it back from gathering. Typically I can fly through recalling and resending all my dragons, but now it take significantly longer. Is this a known issue?

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The is some lagging for about 1-2seconds when I call back my dragons from gathering resources after the recent update. It’s quite annoying.

Hey there tjfriesen & Joeshon_Ng, Our team is aware of an issue with general lag and players with Facebook save accounts having issues logging in on iOS 13 devices and above. They are working on a fix now that will be out soon! Compensation will be sent when the problem is solved!

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That is good to hear! Thank you for sharing Rose!

This week I get defeat 25 furious/cunning/swift dragons in brawl duty and I just notice that swift dragons is not even half as many as the other two kinds of dragons. Having hard time completing the duty. Are those just randomly generatde enemy teams, or is it true that those are actual teams? If those are actual teams, why everyone prefer not taking any swift dragon in their team? I kind of like edge nadder.