[Hotfixes] Rise of Berk - March 5, 2020

A minor update will soon be available to fix the following known issues from the most recent Update
It is currently live on iOS and Android and will be coming soon to Amazon.

  • Rebalanced Daily and Weekly Duties. Some objectives are now easier to complete!
  • Fixed bug with “Defend Berk with Light Fury” Duty. Conceding or losing a Defend Berk battle with Light Fury now counts for the objective
  • Fixed bug with “Train 3 Dragons at Valka’s Sanctuary” Duty. Sending Dragons train at the Valka Sanctuary now counts for the objective
  • Fixed bug with “Use Catapult 30 Times in Defend Berk” Duty: Using the Catapult in lost or conceded Defend Berk matches now counts for the objective
  • Fixed crash with Light Fury in Defend Berk for Ex-Dragon Riders
  • Other enhancements and minor bug fixes

Thank you for all your feedback and patience!

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Note: Please contact our support staff at Dragons@ludia.com if you still encounter some of the issues above or others. Make sure to include your game support key.


Don’t recall if this was like this before, or new since the fix, and kinda nit-picky, but… “Send X dragons train at the Valka’s Sanctuary” should read “Send X dragons to train at Valka’s Sanctuary”. (Missing “to”, should not have “the”.)

That said, it’s nice that it’s finally possible to complete this objective. (AFAICT it was impossible before. Not “really hard”; successful training wasn’t counting toward the objective, either. It was either literally impossible, or whatever counted toward it had no apparent relation to the text.)

Great news, some of the weekly tasks are very hard like the ones Defeat X dragons of a certain type in Brawl…

I have reached the new objectives of some duties before I update the game but after updating the game, the duties are not completed. Should I try like defeating one more dragon in brawl and see if the defeat 5 dragons in brawl duty get completed?