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[Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | August 6, 2019

Greetings Vikings,

A minor update (1.6.11) is now available! We continued improving the game, fixed what needed fixing and eliminated more bugs. Please update your game to apply the latest changes!


  • The battle visual glitch not displaying the Dragon’s health bar and the proper wave number was still affecting certain players. We made sure this is completely fixed for everybody.
  • Fixed Light Fury’s VFX bug
  • Fixed several text strings and localization inconsistencies
  • Other minor bug fixes

Note: If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum.


Developer’s Comment: We’ve heard numerous feedback and changes will be made to the “Dragon leveling Duty”. The change will be part of a separate server update as we need more time to test the new balancing and expect to have it live in the coming week. We hope you’ll like the upcoming adjustments, stay tuned!


Sigh :frowning: no News on Quest ? I almost jumped up to read on “Hotfixes” not Hot :cold_face: at all

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YES, finally an adjustment of the level duty within the next few days!
What about Alpha stealing turns? Anything new on that one or are you still investigating?


It’s not available in AppStore

Hello @Keith_Tam,

The iOS version is slowly rolling out. Please keep an eye on your App Store, some players have it already.



Definitely still investigating!


What is the difference between level up 15 dragons duty and gain 15 levels? It’s just the description that has been changed, its meaningless.


@itami The change is that not the times are counted that you hit the „level up“ button but that the actual gained levels are counted. When I‘m feeding my main dragons they would usually go up for 7-12 levels with one feeding, so that‘s a huge relief for me.
Just need to wait until it‘s actually implemented.

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@bee,my stormfly was at level 12, I leveled her up to level 18, so 6 more levels, when I went to see the gain 15 levels duty, it just counted one level not 6 levels.

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@itami It‘s not fixed yet but will be fixed soon.


@marcus,did your team determine a date of the release of the arena feature?

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No specific date yet. We’re aiming for the end of the summer.


@Marcus Flight Club renewing is still not working. Any idea when that will be fixed?

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This is also another bug that our Devs are still investigating on. There’s not much I can share with you for the moment, unfortunately.



So you updated the level 15 to 15 levels but didn’t actually make it count 15 levels? I just wasted feeding a 3 star dragon to one of mine to gain multiple levels but it only counted 1. Why is this so difficult for y’all to get straight?!


I am constantly getting “hatch 15 eggs” and “hatch 12 eggs.” Are you guys not removing the 15 eggs?

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have you paid another month and it was not renewed?
it happened to me and they did nothing. my flight club went back to level 1 causing me to lose about 1000 runes


@Mama_Fury It clearly says above that this issue is not fixed yet (in description AND in comments) but will be fixed soon. They need some testing and a bigger server update where this will be changed.

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@digitalpickles Yes, this is intended, hatch 15 eggs is not easy but good to work with if you manage your resources (and if the shortcut on eggs wouldn‘t be so hard). I‘m not a fan of it because I think it might be difficult for beginners to store 150 eggs.
It was mostly asked to change the level duty, not the hatch duty, devs listened to our feedback and decided to finally fix the level duty.

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Just want to say thank you to the devs for doing these fixes in faster succession. Appreciate it guys!