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[Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | December 18, 2019

Hello Vikings,

Berk is officially covered in snow and the Snoggletog Toothless event has begun! :snowflake::christmas_tree:

Our developers are working hard to release a hotfix soon that will resolve the following known issues. Some fixes are already implemented, simply restart your game to apply the latest changes!

BUG FIXES (already implemented)

  • Fixing the visual issue where empty Dragon cards would appear in the Breedery
  • Fixing the Snoggletog Toothless ability description
  • Fixing the Thawfest Games matchmaking issue
    • We’re still keeping a close eye on it!

BUG FIXES (with upcoming hotfix)

  • Fixing the unresponsiveness issue on the last row of the board

KNOWN ISSUES (to be fixed later)

  • Issue with the Dragons SFX in Battle
  • Issue with the Terror-Mails

On behalf of the entire Dragons: Titan Uprising team, we wish everyone a happy holiday and happy new year! :tada:


Bottom row tiles still not working

A hotfix will be available soon that will fix the bottom row. You will need to update your game.

I really hope Glaive’s original specials come back~ Its nice to have the replacement at the moment, but if it’s a permanent change, Slaughterdijk is almost a better choice with 210% damage over 2 turns vs 160% … and a Very Fast build vs Fast. Sure it’s Target vs All, but in PvP there’s only ever three targets…

For a Legendary dragon that’s pretty hard to unlock, I hope the Rare of his species doesn’t end up with more bite and battle sway.

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You can still use the bottom row after it freezes. Just drag from the edge of the jewel instead of the middle

The fix of the description of Snoggletog Toothless abilities was for English language, right? Because the German sentence describing the first ability doesn’t make much sense in the end.

Translated into English: “All foes lose bonus health and get 100%, or get 100% damaged.” (Enduring 100% damage seems to be more fitting, but would not keep the structure of the German sentence and I don’t know other wordings, sorry for my English skills.)
There seems to be a noun missing in German after the first “100%”. Definitely very hard to read.