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[Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | February 28, 2019

Hello Vikings,

In this minor update (1.2.7), we fixed several localization string issues and corrected the Light Fury’s description. Please update your game if you haven’t already to have the latest changes.

We also acknowledge the degree of difficulty with the first Light Fury Event. Your numerous comments and suggestions can only help us improve future events. We thank you all!

More Dragon events are on its way! Don’t forget every Trust Point earned previously can be used when the same event reoccurs. Stay tuned!


Thank you Marcus, and yet I remain critical of the team’s handling of the situation.

What you are saying is that there is no plan to salvage the current event and no plan to compensate current players for their heartache and for being treated as lab rats at their own expense.

If no change is made to the current event, and future events are made easier, it means the trust points earned during the first event will be heavily devaluated (on a trust point per energy point or trust point per rune basis) and one should simply ignore this event and wait for future event (which is fine too, just tell it as is). Either way the player community deserves a better explanation than a simple brush off general statement saying the development acknowledges the situation but has no plan to do anything about it currently.

To be honest I expected genuine and personable communication from the development team from the start, instead of politician sounding, heavily diplomatic statements.

By the way, my criticism is by no means directed at you personally. It is directed to whoever is responsible for properly handling the situation.@Marcus



Epic hatcheries have been changed to 3-4 star dragon.
It was originally a 4 star dragon.
I wonder if this change is the intended change.

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I suspect this is only a change in description, but if not then it likely means if before you have 100% chance of hatching a 4 star dragon through this process, now there’s a 80% chance it will be a 3 star.

This is probably just reiterating your meta message, but I feel that my version is a little more dramatic.:joy:


by the way, checking the description of Light Fury, its spirit ability/power move now looks mediocre too, before it was “random foe taking 65% damage 65 times”, which is dope, now it’s “65% damage for 5 times”, which is mediocre at best.

Coupled with the 13xx max bp, Light Fury can’t even be part of a fully maxed out 5 star roster because of extremely poor survivability (poor defense and hp). I don’t think we need Light Fury to be OP, but it should at least be on par with the other 5 star dragons.


Hello @Jing_Peng,

We didn’t nerf her, but fixed the typos in the description.

Changing the current Light Fury was quite risky and could corrupt data or breaking the game. We decided to adjust for future events. Hope this clarifies some of your questions!

You won’t corrupt the data if you just give us 4k runes as a compensation.

Hey @KUMA,

When did you get the left screenshot from? Is this recent?

Thank you for your response @Marcus.


There are a million ways how the dev team could salvage the current event or make an effort to make players feel better. They just chose to look the other way.

Progression of the game is so slow right now the only thing keeping players interested would be these events, so by not doing anything they are essentially choosing their poison between losing players to disappointing events, or losing players to a stale and slow game.

I know I may not sound that good and feels like I’m just repeating myself in different ways, but I genuinely hope that they DO something about it when the issue has been identified.


I know if they could’ve changed something right away, they would’ve done it. I fully trust the decision they took for not risking breaking the game in any sort of way. Also, I really appreciate your honesty and the constructive feedback you leave on this forum, I make sure that all is forwarded to our Devs.

Don’t worry, I don’t take anything personal :smiley: so keep sharing your thoughts!

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It was this way at least before light fury update if not the latest update