[Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | July 26, 2019

Hello Vikings,

We know lots of unwanted bugs made it through yesterday’s update and we’re not happy with it. A server update was pushed out earlier to fix some of the current issues quickly. Please simply reload your game to apply the changes. Our team is now working hard on another update to resolve the known issues. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Added “Energy” back and re-balanced the Duty Chests and Flight Club Chest

    Developer’s Comment: We understands the criticism of the Duty Chest changes, and they’re re-balanced now. It won’t be exactly like it was before—we have to plan for future Arena rewards in mind—but we definitely want players to feel like Duty Chests are still worth the time and effort and especially for players who have invested in the Flight Club.


  • Visual and graphic corruptions:
    • The number of waves is not updated when you advance onto the next
    • The opponent’s health bar is not displayed. However, they can still be defeated.
  • Alpha log titles and texts are displayed incorrectly
  • Light Fury’s special ability VFX
  • Incorrect “ends in” counter in the store pop-up
  • Shellfire’s damage output not totally decreased
  • Astrid’s Duties are causing an issue

If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum.


What about the alpha chest? Will we get runes just like before too? And the duties, will they return the way they were?


What exactly do you mean with rebalanced Duty chest?


@itami Duties will be different from before but not as hard as now if I‘m reading the dev‘s comment correctly.


What about alpha chests?
They are supposed to contain the BEST rewards in the game,and if the changes to the duties are going to stay like this,the team better think of adding better rewards into the duty chests.
A lot of people PAID just to get better rewards from the chests and what do you do in return?
Decrease the amount of rewards for no reason.


While I do appreciate the speediness of the response to the debacle that was the 1.6 update, I do think that some specifics would be best put to use here. Merely stating that there is a ‘re-balance’ doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence, especially considering there is much to be desired when it comes to the transparency and candid nature of these release notes.

As in, it does seem that you brought the ‘Level 15 Dragons’ down to ‘Level 12 Dragons’.

That’s a compromise, in the most basic sense. Not one I personally think was the correct way to go, as others pointed out, a better choice would have been something more along the lines of ‘Level up a Dragon X Times’ or something similar. People here have already stated that leveling up 10 dragons was excessive and a strain on resources.

I also want to state that merely adding back energy into the chests is certainly not enough to get me to renew my subscription. Not in the least.


The developers have plans for the rewards of the arena, that kinda foreshadows that we will get energy from the arena okay, and that kinda also means that the moment it comes out, we most likely won’t get energy from the duty chest, but why not letting us get it from now, they can do that when the arena comes out.


How is this a hotfix?
Removing the energy and nerfing/removing runes was planned, not a ‘bug’.

The duty chests are still not worth it at all because you nerfed the runes income and you made them absurdly hard to get basically anything out of it, meanwhile leaving the alpha chests still without runes rewards…
Saying you’re planning to add the arena doesn’t mean anything because it’s not here right now to offset this hot mess of an update. By the time you add it, it’s already too late and knowing the track record of updates, it’s probably gonna be full of bugs and unplayable. People are already quitting and leaving the game and cancelling their Flight club subs as we speak. :woman_shrugging:
I guess no one cares about the player base, just how much money one can make out of this.


Good to hear from devs, but its really weak words. And dont use the excuse of needing to rebalance for Arena. If that was the case, it should have happend at the same time as Arena comes out and not months before(guessing out of how slow former updates has come).

Its a move so you can get some Flight Club members back, but im not talked into that yet


Just how the duty chest is related to the arena? Okay we won’t get energy from the duty chest when arena comes out but why do it from now??? It makes no sense, also, what’s that level up 15 dragons became level up 12 dragons, is there a big really a difference? Leveling up two LESS dragons?? I just don’t understand if they make them like they were before it’s really not the end of the world. I don’t like these actions because I feel like that are just doing this to calm down the players but that won’t happen almost nothing has been changed, just why can’t we get 15 energy like we used to, runes from the alpha chest like before, level up 10 dragons, hatch 10 eggs etc until arena comes out if you are planning on not giving us energy from the chest when it comes out, but doing this before it is not acceptable!


Exactly, they made those changes with the “arena” in mind except Arena is nowhere near being released, there’s no ETA on it, yet they nerfed all the chests, made them harder for whatever reason and we aren’t getting anything out of it. The alpha chest is supposed to have high level end game rewards but I am literally not even getting much out of it.
Where’s the Alpha chest ‘Hotfix’ ?

@Marcus I reloaded my game and light fury is still broken and Astrid’s purple dragon duty is still stuck. Am I supposed to uninstall the game or what? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how frustrating this is…


Marcus just listed the known issues, they probably still haven’t fixed them hes just letting us know that they are aware of them.


Can we have runes back in alpha chests too? Hardest chest in the game to receive and you took the most rewarding thing out of it… :frowning: I would gladly give up the trust points from the new 5*


Too little… too late?

So, congratulations are in order? Do I understand this correctly? You repaired a couple minuscule visual and gameplay bugs that really mean less than nothing, while glossing over the major issues that your player base have brought to your attention. Citing the influence of future rewards for your reason for decreasing previous rewards tells me one thing: “We (Ludia) don’t really care what you (the player, subscriber or otherwise) have to say about our game. But we’d be happy to give you the rewards you think you deserve, if you can just reply to this message with a valid credit card number.”
For one, I’m cheap. I don’t buy subscriptions to games unless I really enjoy playing them. I looked at what Flight Club had to offer, weighed the pros and cons, and decided to PAY the money for a subscription because I liked the game that much. Judging by the outpouring of responses to your latest update, I’m not the only one sharing this sentiment either… consider my subscription canceled. Furthermore, I would have thought that altering the features of Flight Club so close to its creation is not rebalancing. In a used car dealership, it’s called “bait and switch.” Do you sell your player base one product, then when you decide it’s more than you want to give, you change it to something more palatable to you. Worst case? I’d consider that borderline criminal behavior. It’s probably not, of course, people do it every day. But even at its most generous connotation, it’s nothing short of shady behavior.
I am DEEPLY upset at this update and your halfhearted response to “repair” it. I plan on changing my review on the AppStore to reflect this, and I’m also considering contacting Apple to see about refunding the subscription that no longer seems worth it at all.
To sum up?
Stop treating us like cash cows and start treating us like paying customers that deserve at the very least your consideration if not your allegiance.


Just bring back duties and chests that were before update


Talk about a complete 180 from the previous update. This game is enough grinding as it is and removing runes from alpha chests (the already little reward) is absurd. This game has so many glitches and support takes on average 4-5 days to respond, and your response is too nerf the rewards? Makes it all the less worth it. I’ll definitely be canceling fight club and any other future purchases.


What about the textures? Any updates on them?

They just ‘KNOWN ISSUES’. It not fix yet, Ludia just rebalance the FC Chest at once, the other we need to take a patient to wait.

I don’t understand why for arena rewards, the duty chest had to be nerfed. The rewards given is already so sparing. Why not just make the arena rewards much better than the old duty chest. You’d generate hype for both arena and still get the same enthusiasm for completing duties. A lot of duties are still unbalanced and need clear adjustment. Also alpha chests were a way for clans to grow together as a secondary source of runes. Apart from duty chests, only alpha chests gave runes. I get that runes are the premium currency but making it so elusive will not do any good for the game. As a suggestion, I’d do daily login bonuses to really get people to play. A lot of games do that and it works out well. If they login consecutively, they get better rewards, like a premium draft token or runes. Or a specific token that can be used for a specific color. Something like that would help to get people to keep playing the game.