[Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | July 30, 2019


In this minor update (1.6.10), several known issues from the previous update are now resolved. Please UPDATE your game to apply the latest changes. In addition to the Friendship Day gift, you’ll also be receiving a second gift. We want to thank everyone for being extremely patient with us while we worked on fixing the known issues as quickly as possible. Be sure to check your Terror-Mail!

Kevin, our beloved Lead Game Designer, also took some time to address several concerns from the Community. See “Developer’s Note” below.


  • Fixed the visual glitch not displaying the Dragon’s health bar
  • Fixed the visual glitch not displaying the proper wave number in battle
  • Fixed the Alpha log titles and texts not displaying the correct information
  • Fixed the incorrect “ends in” counter in the store pop-up
  • Astrid’s Duties will be fixed later today on the server-side

Note: If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum.


Kevin - Lead Game Designer

Thanks to everyone who’s sent their feedback about the latest update. The level of passion and constructive criticism is a reminder of how many players truly care about making this game great. I promise you that we read your comments, play the game ourselves, and test the game constantly. Obviously, we need to get better at squashing bugs (and not create new ones :sweat_smile:), and the team is working hard to improve our update process.

Part of that process is being more proactive about hotfixes and small updates. Hopefully, you’ve noticed that over the past few days, and we want to do more of that in the future when necessary.

We also want to improve our communication with the community. I know some of you are upset about the Duty balancing, so I wanted to shed more light on the design intentions:

  • Our goal is to allow players to open a certain amount of Hard Duty Chests every day. Some players were able to open more, which indicated that some of the Duties were too easy.
  • We initially took out Exploration Energy since we give some with every completed Duty. We immediately got the feedback that you still want Energy in the Duty Chests, so we fixed that last Friday.
  • We also added more Runes to the Duty Chests. This helps compensate for the removal of Runes in the Alpha Chest. We wanted to create a stronger identity for each of the Chests, where Duty Chests are a great source for Runes (especially for Flight Club members), and Alpha Chests provide more Dragons—including Maeve’s Buffalord, which is a new 5-Star Trust Dragon that’s exclusively for those who engage in Alpha Battles.
  • The Pet, Train, and Hatch Duties from Fishlegs have always been some of the easiest—and we want some Duties to be easy. Since they’re easy, however, we have to make sure they don’t appear too often. We pushed the appearance chance too low, however, yesterday we increased the chances a bit more, and so far the results appear more balanced.
  • The “Level Up X Dragons” Duty has always been problematic. The original intention was to count the total number of levels gained—instead, right now it counts the number of times you triggered the Level Up sequence. We’re aiming to change that soon, which should address the current difficulty.
  • Several of Astrid’s Duties broke, and unfortunately we didn’t catch that in time. That greatly contributed to the slow pace of Duty Chests with the new update. The broken Duties are now disabled and should be fixed shortly.
  • We added Snotlout’s Clan Duties, which slightly affects the speed in which you can open a Chest.

I know this was especially frustrating to Flight Club members who recently re-subscribed. After the fixes to Astrid’s broken Duties, the re-balance of the appearance of Fishlegs’ easy Duties, and the addition of Snoutlout’s Clan Duties, we need a bit of time to analyze the results. If motivated players are struggling to open Hard Duty Chests after these most recent adjustments, we’ll take additional measures to provide a better experience.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to provide feedback. We know it comes from a shared goal of making the best game possible.


I’d just like to point out that the 8 hour timer limits you to 3 chests a day… The only reason people were able to open more was because of the timer bug that sometimes made the timer disappear, not because duties were too easy. Just how much more are you trying to limit the chests? Please reconsider the level 15. Take it back to level 10 or 12 if you want a compromise. 15 hurts a lot when all your dragons are getting close to max.


Now that’s an answer what I like. Thank you, THANK YOU that you listened our suggestions. I love this game soo much and I believe that this game will be better and better. But please don’t do something simillar again.:grinning::grinning:.


Thanks for the gift and I understand that you are working to correct the Duties which is great!

Please reinstate the number of dragon scales back to the same level before Update 1.6. Cutting the number in half from the Flight Club and Alpha Chests was not cool.
Also, please get rid of that lousy “gift box”. I hate that it is there. It covers up part of the mountain and serves no function. I can see ads by clicking on the + sign in the top right corner.


This is exactly what we all were aiming for…better communicatio, adressing the problems and just letting us know that you listen and know about us. I APPLAUD to you! We are all people afterall and mistakes happen and will happen but with listening to your fanbase and players and doing exactly what you did there is a great improvement to the future! Keep this up! Thank you!


You need to remove 2 stars dragon from breedery or just when you are breeding only 2 stars dragon. Im breeding two 3* whispering death and got 9 2* whispering death.

Thank you for communicating with us. It was part of the problem - we were left in the dark for too long about how the problems were being addressed. And thank you for the gifts. I’m happy to move forward and see how things roll out.


THANK YOU!!! This is a great update and I really appreciate the developers notes as well. I will re-subscribe to Flight Club now.


There was a timer, it had nothing to do with quest being too easy. This is a garbage way of addressing it imo. Also why was the original response that it had something to do with arena? It’s not good to contradict yourselves. What about majority of us who didn’t pin the timer all the time? it made us open them proportionally slower. That again makes this garbage way to address it.

On the note of communication, we could of told you this before the update instead of surprising us with it.

Yes, fix bugs asap and release new content in planned updates.Thank you.

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@Marcus Can you ask Kevin what they plan to do to make alpha chests a bit more interesting? (at the moment I think many feel like advancing past a lvl 7 chest isn’t really worth it? Note: you need more keys and put in more effort for higher chest, but the difference in rewards you get is rather low)


@Daniel_Cankow Breeding 2 stars with 3 stars gives at least 2 stars because you can only breed with 2 stars and need them to progress (e.g. hybrids), after that it gets harder to get better dragons, you don‘t get good dragons for free. So breeding 3 stars with 3 stars can result in 2 stars, 3 stars or 4 stars and breeding 4 stars with 4 stars results in 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars. That‘s fair in my opinion. It takes time and effort to get good dragons, yes, but it takes time and effort in every game to climb to the top.


You‘re finally communicating with us, I think now that we got explanations and we are feeling that community is heard, even suggestions were implemented, was a huge step in the right direction. I‘m feeling relieved.
Keep on fixing that bugs, focussing on minor updates is a great idea for that, and I‘m sure players will start to enjoy the game again as much as before if not more. Taking out the broken duties had a massive impact on my gameplay, I was lacking of energy very hard after the update and almost shocked with the amount of energy I had as soon as Astrid was „fixed“!
I‘d be very happy if „leveling X dragons“ would count actual levels - I‘m no fan of feeding my fodder so I level up my main dragons and it takes ages to complete that duty. I‘ll be done much quicker if actual levels were counted, especially as I‘m training new dragons from time to time and raising them very quick from 1 star level 1 to 2 stars level 40 - in that case I‘d say, you could make it „level 25 dragons“ and I‘d still be much quicker than today to complete that duty. (Not if I want it to be that hard, this amount of levels would kill gamers that have just begun!)


Shellfire is so overpowered now. I accept the damage output to him but one wrong move and we’re dead. No other alpha can do that. Also we need more scales quests! I can’t seem to breed enough color-specific to level up and I’m stuck not being able to train. If I do a bunch of 1* dragons which seem worthless at high level it’s a waste of resources.

It’s not that bad. It goes in tandum with the hatch 15 eggs. Train one of those dragons, then level them up with the other dragons 1 at a time. It doesn’t cost that many resources to do, and makes it easier to grind the duties.

@Leviathan26 My revenger is 4* lvl 40, at the moment if i were to use a 3* dragon to lvl him he would only go up about half a level and need 6450 fish per dragon. If i were to use a 1* i’d probably need about 5 to 10 dragons just for 1 lvl up. Now tell me how does leveling up 15 dragons not cost much resources?

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don’t level up your revenger. level up a newly hatched 2 star dragon. Do that 1 dragon at a time using the other 14 hatched dragons. Typically 1000-2000 fish per level, so 30k fish roughly to complete that quest using this method, and it allows you to move on to the easier fishleg quests. 30k fish is also very easy to get, so it’s not a huge deal.

@Leviathan26 Even for a newly hatched dragon you’d need about 20 to 25 dragons (1* ones) or so to lvl it up 15 times. Which will cost you 40k to 50k fish. Now the real problem is that your solution is just to forego your main team and waste resources on dragons you don’t really care about. Then what are you playing the game for exactly? to open chests?


Don’t use 1 star dragons, use 2 star dragons. It takes 15 to level up a newly hatched dragon 15 times. Again, its about 30k fish, 40k is definitely the high end but either way 30k-40k fish is not that many and is easy to recover. I feel like most players get to a point where their main team is at a stand still waiting for another copy, so 30k-40k fish is easy to recover while you wait for another copy. The point is to quickly perform the duty to open the duties chest as fast as possible. Open chests, to get more runes, to do more drafts and therefore get more dragons/copies of dragons. It is one method of play and you don’t have to agree, but it is an easy way to complete the quest and get the easier quests that also does not completely deplete your resources.

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@Zhyan I agree with you, but it could be worth leveling 2 star dragons because if you feed leveled dragons to your main team, you get more levels than from untrained. But I‘m not sure at which level dragons need to be to be fed this leveled fodder (if trained 4th star is enough or one have to go to 5th star) and actually save resources with that.

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Ah yes lets use 2* dragons (hence 1* scales) to level up a 2* dragon we don’t really care about. Honestly thats even worse a suggestion. At the moment people are already struggling to gain enough scales to train their dragons and now you want them to waste it just to complete a lvl up 15 duty? have you seen how much scales you need to train the event dragons?

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