[Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | June 19, 2019

Hello Vikings,

Thank you for sharing all your feedback and reporting the issues you’ve encountered. Here’s a quick update on what our developers are currently working on. Some bug fixes are already done and no game update is required. Please simply reload your game.

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • If you encountered an error while claiming the Trust Points or never received the Terror-Mail, please email support+titan@ludia.com and our support staff will look into how much Trust Points should be given back to you.


  • Fixed the issue where Toothless wouldn’t unlock if your Trust Points count is over 1,000
  • Fixed the issue that generated errors in the Terror-Mail and News section


  • Issue with Duties not tracking properly
  • Issue with the Draft panel
  • Issue with the online status of your clanmates
  • Issue with the dragon textures
  • Issue with “white boxes” appearing when clicking on a Dragon

If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please write it in our Bug Reports forum.


Is this instead of raising a support ticket? @Marcus

Thank gosh your fixing the textures on the dragons, toothless’s texture looks so blocky and stuff.

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Dragons in the roster don’t sort properly.

EX: I’ll sort by colour and then two green will be at the front, but the rest of the green will be lower down. (these are two LOW powered green dragons)

Also when I sort by power, it shows a random mix of low and high. Ex One dragon that’s at 300’s comes before a 700’s dragon, and another 400 dragon comes before a 600 dragon.

Seems fine to me, are you sure the dragons at the top are not in one of your teams?

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Hey,i just encoutered another bug in toothless quest,in the 4th stage,when the enemy attacks the board becomes a bit dark right,then it was my turn but the board froze and i couldn’t move any tile,i activated the autoplay but nothing happened,so i just clicked on flee.


I am 100% positive they are not on my team.
My team is dragons that are 600 and up and when I sort by Power the dragons that are lower show up first BEFORE my team. This has been an on going issue since back when it was in Beta mod still. I’ve reported it before and nothing was done.

This is a screen shot of what I see.

By Power:

As you can see My Gronkle at 700 shows up AFTER my lower class dragons, where as higher up I have dragons 700 that come Before the lower class ones.
If it sorted by team first then Tuffnut Jr should be at the very top when sorting by Power because he is on my teams

And 2 by colour:

majority of the green ones show up in the first bit, where as 2 others show up lower down.

The ones showing up first are NOT the ones on my teams.

You are using total 5 Battle teams not 1


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Hey itami, I’m sorry to hear that happened. Our team has been notified of this issue and they’re looking into it.

In the meantime, could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and device information? Thanks!


Not really an issue, but some icons are blocking out.

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Thanks for reporting this, @Elizabeth_Bounds

The ability icons should appear correctly again once you click on the dragon a second time to view the ability.

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I know that. -I’ve been playing since the early release to Canadians came out. I very much know how the teams work.

But they are still NOT the dragons on any of my teams. It’s showing up incorrectly.

I’ve sent an email AND opened a support ticket about never getting terror mail nor any Toothless trust points. Still haven’t received any response.

I really don’t like Foreverwings ability. They aren’t really working fairly to be honest. I’m seeing the vines grow twice per attack. Doesn’t that seem to go against the mechanics of any fight? /vent Sorry.

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@JaMo1982 the foreverwing has always been like that unless you can destroy each vine.

His vines are definitely growing faster. When we faced him the other day he’d lock up a group of tiles, especially special ones, I’d break them off and they’d immediately grow back, never giving me a chance to use them until the entire board was covered and they all fell off.


I agree that the vine growth on Foreverwing since the update is beyond bonkers. Plus the vines immediately target special tiles (rather than starting in a random location) so that you can’t even use them to break the vines.


Has anyone got Toothless Trust Points yet via an email to support?, been a few days and still no luck for me.


I did. But my 3ed toothless wouldnt open and then 1000 trust points disappeared

I haven’t heard a peep yet either through support ticket via the app or by email.