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[Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | October 7, 2019

Greetings Vikings,

As mentioned last week, we are fixing several known issues in this minor update (1.7.16). Please update your game immediately to apply the latest changes!


  • Fixed the compatibility issue with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Fixed the issue where the Arena Practice mode was costing exploration energy
  • Fixed a bug in which your Defense Team didn’t use the correct stat buff in Practice mode
  • Fixed the issue where Arena Battles are launched or displayed in other game modes
  • Fixed the visual glitch in Arena where the player’s name is shown as “New Name”
  • Fixed the issue in Arena where the “End Season” button would appear occasionally
  • Fixed the visual glitch where quests would disappear in the Quests Menu
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Visual glitch causing the “Find Opponent” button in Arena to gray out
    • Temporary Solution: Close and relaunch app
  • Visual glitch causing the bottom menu to disappear when reconnecting to the app
    • Temporary Solution: Navigate to a different menu and the bottom menu will reappear
  • Visual glitch when performing a “revenge” in Arena
    • Temporary Solution: Close and relaunch app
  • Visual glitch showing duplicated Quests
    • Temporary Solution: Navigate to a different menu and the bottom menu will reappear
  • Thunderclaw rewards in the Book of Dragons

We are still monitoring closely the freezing and lag issues that certain players are experiencing and working on further improving the game’s performance.

Note: If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum.


Is this another one where it’s going to take hours to show in App Store? Doesn’t appear to be there yet.

The update is already showing in the App Store for certain players. It could take some time before it shows up for you. Thank you!


Still no update for iOS? Are you going to compensate us ioS players?

Hey TheMurmuquil, could you check the Updates page from your app store and see if it is available? You might have to refresh the page.

It’s not on ios

Lags are even worse than they were… Pretty much unplayable right now…

I found it. My new device has changed the App Store and you really have to go and look for it, used to be a simple one step thing now it’s 3! Was probably there earlier!

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For whatever reason It still won’t let me update…everything is fine on my end

Ludia please fix @AlphaAva’s problem. My clan has dealt with bad enough bugs as it is, the update shouldn’t be shutting my best mates away. On the opposite, it was supposed to give us a breather from bugs.

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Just tried again and it updated. :slight_smile:

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Book of dragons is still bugged and not listed in known issues.


Our team is aware of this bug as well, I’ll add it to the known issues!


@Marcus or @ned,why are we only getting extremely strong players in arena? The lowest BP of a team I’ve seen until now is not less than 7000 BP,it’s going to be hard to advance, why can’t we get more a bit easier players?

I think they removed bots, we should level out now, especially after seon reser.

Biggest issue now is that some dragons make great defenders that it is difficult to get past 1st wave. If you do you can win
Thus defense is more about 3-4 dragons vs how many or how strong they are

People are having success with 3-4 dragon defense at high levels

I don’t think they want this in the Quest page: