House of Hunters 10/10 with 2 level 20 sanctuaries looking for battlers

Hi. We are recruiting to hit 10/10. We have hit 5/4 and now 10/9 consistently and consecutively. We are a generous alliance due to our alliance rules. If you want DNA, then during your request duration you must donate to others who are requesting. If you have the DNA, you share what you have. This makes for a full bar received on most requests.
We have two level 20 sanctuaries that have one rule. Do not put any of your dinosaurs in. It needs to stay shared with 4 alliances.
If interested please let @Proto know with a message.
You must be active and have the alliance tasks 1st i.e. don’t open a DBI if that mission is full, wait for the rank up.

Friendly bunch, discord is a must.

One space open

We hit 10/10 last week and have one spot open for the right person. Battling junky! Level 20 preferably

Hey, i’d like to join if you still have a spot. Lvl 18, 5003 trophies, DreX_ on discord, DreX in game

I have to say after joining HoH, I was shocked at all the DNA everyone gave to my requests. My dinos leveled up fast!

One spot open in 10/10 alliance let me know your player name in private message to myself or @Proto

One spot opened in our 10/10 alliance that hit 40th in the alliance tournament.

Can I join? level 16, 4700 trophies, active every 1-2 days