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House of Hunters (T10/10 and 2 lvl 20 sanctuaries) is recruiting for members!

House of Hunters is recruiting for a few daily active players!

Looking for:

  • players who follow basic guidelines (for sanctuaries/requests),
  • players who will join our discord chat,
  • players who help with team missions (especially defense) and tournaments.
  • player level 14 or higher

What we offer:

  • 10/10 mission rewards,
  • 2 level 20 sanctuaries (shared with other alliances),
  • very generous with DNA requests.

If you think you’re a good fit for our active alliance, please send me a pm or add me on Discord: Proto#2150

There is one spot open.

We currently have 3 spots open. If your interested or have any questions please send me a pm or add me on Discord: Proto#2150

i am interested but cant get discord.

sadly i am only level 12 but close to 13 and have 5 legendaries

He Austin, thank you for your interest.
Discord is necessary when joining our alliance. Right now we are looking for players that have access to all the rarity’s because of the variation in tournaments.
If you have any other questions please send them to me personally.

could i join. i have gone further now

could i join