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"House of Hunters" T5/4 alliance recruiting for members!

Hi all!
We are looking for daily active and generous players for our alliance “House of Hunters”. I’m the leader of this alliance and just like the other members very active. Reaching 5/4 easily.
Our rules are different then most alliances and did take some time to filter for great players that are both active and generous, but hard work pays off!

Our rule: Donate and communicate to all requesting players during your own request. Let players know for example: “donated to all” or “didnt have for… , but donated all others”)
Because all have different dna needs (different player lvl’s) you will always receive more then you would give away. You will progress fast!
If you like the way we are doing things, and looking for a great alliance, please send me a message if your interested!

Greets Proto

Got 4 open spots atm