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House Therium is recruiting!

House Therium is a brand new alliance that was created after the leader of our old alliance became inactive. The majority of members from the old alliance have moved over, but we are looking for more to fill the remaining spots! We are an international alliance.

We have 3 level 20 sanctuaries, have reached 8/9 on the weekly rewards and this past month we got tier 8 on the tournament rewards. Our goal is with more active members to get even better rewards! We do all of the raids, follow raid strategies and help lower level members to get the raids, too.

We are casual, but active. Here are the requirements:

  • Minimum level 13
  • Discord required
  • Participation in every tournament
  • NEVER place in the level 20 sanctuaries

If you are interested you can join our Discord server ( or reach out to me on Discord directly at Diavi#4449.

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We have 1 spot open right now in House Therium!!! We are a competitive but chill alliance! We reach 8/10-9/10 each week and tier 8 in the tournament!! We are looking for daily players. We run raid bosses all day long and help all players get every boss!!! We do require players to be level 13+ and must you participate in every tournament!!
Join our guest discord channel if you think you might be a good fit for our alliance! :slight_smile:

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We have a few spots opening up today! We have been getting 9/10 rewards for consecutive weeks:

We have several people who help out with raids including carrying low level players and we have strategies to beat every Apex.


  • Minimum 3k trophy count
  • 10 takedowns in tournaments each week
  • Must have and check Discord
  • Never place in the level 20 sanctuaries, and pay attention to announcements related to the sanctuaries

If you are interested comment here, message me, or join our guest channel in Discord:

Our alliance currently has some openings, we are looking for active players to join! If you are interested in joining and meet the requirements, please message Diavi #4449 on discord and we can get you added! We get 9/10 on weekly incubators, tier 8 on alliance championship incubators, and we have strong creatures to help with every raid!