Houston Houston, we got a problem


Ok guys, I’m VIP (don’t understand why atm) I chained loose almost 10 matches in a row and the last one got me… Hack? Don’t know, but my Dino did not fall to 0,and I loose.

Honestly, I’d like an explanation.


Hey there, Iomgui_Donbar, I’m not really sure what the problem is with your game, but our support team would be glad to help you troubleshoot this. Please contact them at support+alive@ludia.com, and if you can include your support key that would really help us out.


Hi John, thanks a lot for answering. Sure, I’ll take the time to detail and feedback to you and Ludia.

Keep the game good =)


Hi, it happened again. You just lost a subscriber.

Enjoy, folks players…


You’re mad that you are using pay to win and are not winning 100% of the time???


I guess winning the first 10 times wasn’t enough?