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How a unique?

Well … I was in the 6th arena and what do I see …IMG_20210411_143231 IMG_20210411_143328
I did not understand how a unique can be in this arena even though I won explained to me😅

Thars how broken this game is. Some of the most powerful creatures are super easy to get. So people focus on making them and once their created they slap all their boosts on and plow through everyone else.


I totally agree with you but the same nerf monolometrodon is really potent so I’m not too afraid of these unique type (but the unique smilodon hybrid is too potent)

shhh no nerfing for smilonemys until people realise…
buff it’s attack for now

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I know smilo is super good. Hes an armored cunning. He can rampage and run into ceramagnus. He can swap in stun. Although I’m thinking of gemeni over smilo. I’m not sure though